The Fatal Hike (Part One)
The Fatal Hike 
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animevampire05 The lion fell in love with the lamb.
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An interesting start to a story if I do say so myself! But, what you think is the real question!!

The Fatal Hike (Part One)

Dear reader, 1 Today marks the one hundredth day stuck down in this goddamn hole. And for this occasion, I will start a 'journal' of sorts for those back home wondering about me. This notebook of mine contains about two hundred pages if my crazed mine counted correctly. So here we go.

Day 100 2 Water seems to be in a never ending supply, seeing as the sky never ceases it's wretched downpour. I can't say that makes me the happiest man alive, but I'd rather be soaked to the bone than dying of dehydration. Speaking of dying, my near death experience that led me here should be explained

Day 101 3 beforehand. I'd never really been worried by the thought of something happening to me while on my different hiking journeys. But then again, these things are never really planned.

Hmm....I don't know if I like it, but it's something. And the plot kind of fell on me couple of seconds ago, so to speak. I'm curious to know what you think dear reader! No pressure, no diamonds. -AnimeVampire05

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