The color of feelings
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animevampire05 We're all mad here.
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Let's just say it's an emotion piece *wink*

The color of feelings

The feeling of anger and lust. Turning the tide with one strong gust.

Like the sun, it provides warmth and joy. Though...these cunning rays can sometimes be a ploy.

Having hope, like the bud on a flower. Can lead happiness to sometimes go dour.

Healing qualities fit for any psyche. But oh so jealously sharp and spiky.

Calm and serine at such a high height. Though when falling down, in comes the sadness and contrite.

Not knowing whether to be prideful or royally ambitious. But my graceful dancing is sure as hell fictitious.

Floating on a cloudy bed of niceties and kindness. Though, whoever calls me bubbly, must suffer from blindness.

As pure and smooth as freshly fallen snow. But my creativity is simply thirty degrees below.

As serious as the moon hiding the sun during a solar eclipse. Though mostly the order of hiding flips.

Most of this, doesn't make sense, even to me. So, I find it perfectly fine, but please, before you go hear my plea.

Embrace your emotions, even if you think their different. Because you are you, and no one else could be as magnificent.


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