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The thing is, apparently it's not enough, because things aren't changing.

Speak Out

You think all of this is fine? Well, it's not!

All this Global Warming is real, the Earth has been dying for years! The Earth is close to being beyond repair, and you cannot stop all of these understandable tears.

Black lives matter, and so do all others. No one should be categorized due to their skin color, or where their from. All of these people who don't think all lives matter, your emotions and smarts have obviously gone numb.

Love is love, who are you to say what sex a person is attracted to?! The LGBTQIA+ community is big, and it is something that needs to be accepted, recognition is past due.

Not only do their lives matter, but so do the conditions they live in. Who truly want to live in a neighbor hood where shots are fired every night? Equal rights and living conditions are as important as being safe in your bed. A childhood friend that I used to know just got shot!

Women deserve rights you you know. Does it not matter that were what keeps the human race alive and populated? We aren't less than men, but that doesn't mean that I think we're better. All these unfair thoughts are ridiculous, and need to disappear! My gender shouldn't mean that it should feel like a fetter.

Abortion is a touchy matter for many people, but guess what? It needs to be talked about. I on neither side of the fence on this fight. Abortion should be left up to the right of the girl that carried it, but sometimes abortion is needed. Would you rather have said kid growing up in an abusive home or in a shelter until their 18?!

Just because animals can't speak like us, doesn't mean they don't feel like us. They have feelings, and they feel fear just as much as us! Fur farms, zoo's, dog fighting, meat farms, milk farms, experimenting, forced breeding, hunting and many more things aren't right. So, I fight as much as I wan't, I can make a fuss!

And now let's talk about Covid.

First off, Covid is real, and it's serious. You need to wear a mask, and stay home as much as possible. I know you want to spend time with your family this Christmas and New Year, but you're just helping the spread! If you care about your Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles that much, then stay home.

Take care of yourself, and wash your hands. I'm not talking about running your hands underwater, and rubbing soap for a minute. Actually take your time, and kill as many germs as possible. Cover your mouth when you cough, not with your hand or forearm, but in the inside of your elbow.

Stay six feet apart from people when you're outside your home, and don't go around touching everything! Also, don't bring your kids along with you to the store, only if it's severely needed. Just because thier young, it doesn't mean they won't be affected by it. And that they won't bring it home and effect the rest of the family.

Stay safe, and quarantine if there's a chance you could have it. Don't go to school or work if you feel sick, no matter if you think it's serious or not! The only way to slow down the spread is if we follow these rules. So please use your common sense.

I support:

Veganism (I am a vegan)

The LGBTQIA+ community

The BLM movement


The Climate Change movement

And no animal cruelty.

All of these things are important and need to be talked about. Not just by members of these communities, but by everyone. They need to be accepted as a normal part of life, because they are. Their not super special and something to whisper about, just a part of life.

Please do your part for the planet, and don't hate people just because of the community their a part of. Their people to, and you can't just assume they'll be the stereotype. Give people a chance, you might actually see how nice some people can be!

Thank you for reading this post, I know many people have been making them. The thing is, apparently it's not enough, because things aren't changing. So speak out and do your part. Than you -AnimeVampire05

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