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Not really a poetic piece but....I'm racking my brain for ideas X/


I've only been twice, but it's so very fun and exciting. And guess what guys?! I only fell once. I may not be as great as my dad (he played hockey for quite a long time). But, it's something I enjoy a lot, and the coolness of the ice keeps you at a stable temperature.

You glide along the smooth and slippery, feeling almost as if you're flying. And if this comes close to what flying feels like, give me some wings. Because it is amazing. Cool crisp air on your face, feet sliding forward and out. The most free feeling and fun pastime.

See, I've been rollerblading many times. And let me tell you, it's such a blast. Rolling around on eight wheels is so challenging at first. Once you get the hang of it though, you can fly around the rink.

If you haven't tried either of these activities yet, I fully recommend it! Even someone as clumsy as me can manage to do well on skates and blades, I can guarantee you can as well.


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