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animevampire05 We're all mad here.
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Because we rarely leave the house, so....


My sis woke up yesterday, feeling quite sick. So, we arranged a Covid test for her real quick.

It's was just a precaution, because you really can never tell. But I swear, all this worry is making my mind a living hell.

Today, my brother woke up 3 hours late. I know, I just need to calm down. Turns out he feels sick as well, not good at all. I hope this sickness doesn't spread all around.

I don't think it's the flu though. Because we rarely leave the house, so.... And yes, I'm overreacting, trust me I know.

My mind and heart just won't shut up. But I need to keep it sugar coated. Because, If my family really does have Covid.....

I'm sorry to burden you with this, but my mind is freaking out. If anyone comments, I know you're going to say: "It'll be alright" And thank you, but I keep telling myself that.

Excuse my out-pour of emotions, but I now need to get back to doing my school work. And keeping my dang cat of the table :/ -AnimeVampire05

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