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animevampire05 We're all mad here.
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You know, the Bill of Rights really should be rewritten X/


These so called "rights" are supposed to protect the people. Yet, some still get shunned because they don't follow the teachings of the steeple.

All this hate and strife against people who identify as feminine. Or, the color of their skin. How can they control their amount of melanin?!

Yes ladies, Feminism is very important. But, some cross the line. Do you really want to be seen like that? At the rate some are going, we will become what the already have us defined.

If you disagree with me, just know that you're a horrible person. Homophobes Racists Misogynists Misandry Sexism Religious discrimination and all the millions of other things that stupid people think up.

I'm telling you right now, if anyone on here falls under that list, or a term just like those, please leave. Because that type of useless thinking, is honestly very naive.

I don't care if you're ten or eighty years old. You have been warned, but I really hate to scold.

So goodbye to the person who fits under that list, and hello to everyone who does not. The members of the list, my mind has already forgot.

Please understand I'm not a mean person guys, but equality is very important to me. Anyone and everyone out there has a chance to prove to me what type of person you are. Thanks for reading <3 -AnimeVampire05

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