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animevampire05 What a plot twist you were....
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The title said it all XD


So, my puppy is sleeping, so.... I am going to post a story, this one, about all the random things that go through my head in a day XD Hope you are questioning my mental state after this XD


#2 Do cat's know who is petting them without looking who it is? Do they know you by the way you pet them?

#3 How many hairs do I loose a day just by brushing it?

#4 Why do cats enjoy making me scared to look over my shoulder? They always just stare :/

#5 How is carpet made?

#6 How does Ariel's hair stay so voluminous when she's under water? Or how about when she comes out from under the sea?

#7 What is it like to fly?

#8 Why?

#9 *count's on my fingers*

#10 In The Adams Family movie, does The Thing have a brain? Or does that count as movie logic?

#11 "Colored pencil if you break one more time...."

#12 Why do sharpies smell like this?

#13 Does Commaful think a sharpie and a Shar Pei dog are the same thing? Because this is what came up when I searched up Sharpie XD

#14 If I were to wish hard enough, would I find Neverland?

#15 Why is this turkey sandwich so good? (10th one this week)

#16 When humans go to sleep, do cat's true forms come out?

#17 *Random half thoughts* am I a he is so why do I I need to do this is so annoying when do I why are I want to ....

#18 Oh ma god, I luv this song (ಥ﹏ಥ)

#19 It's gonna rain, my ankles hurt

#20 If I am such a good artist, then why do I still draw like this?

#21 (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) Iron-Maaaan

#22 How does CG (CGI) work?

#23 If I keep staring at this puzzle, will I ever finish it?

Thanks for reading if you did make it to this point XD It was pretty long, and there are just so many unanswered questions and random thought in my head XD Let me know what you thought, and if any of these pertain to you :) -AnimeVampire

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