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For those that don't like hearing about the dentist, you may not want to read this! If you're not bothered, go ahead!

Random Fact/Event from Yesterday

It's called genetics!

It's called genetics! When I was born, my dad gave me hypodontia, passed down from his DNA. Now, that might sound like a very scary disease. But trust me, it isn't.

Hypodontia, is simply a case where one or more of your adult teeth don't form! Yep, I will have one of my baby teeth forever...

Hypodontia, is simply a case where one or more of your adult teeth don't form! Yep, I will have one of my baby teeth forever...or so I thought.

With the whole braces and herps expander, my jaw and teeth were moved around big time! And this baby tooth has nothing underneath it to support it, i.e. missing adult tooth. So naturally it sank...

No, the thing is, the only place on your body that leads directly to your bone, is in your mouth. Your adult teeth are anchored to your jaw bone, literally. So this little baby tooth is chilling, suspended in my gums, when it starts sinking gradually. That caused a problem. It sank low enough where it fused to my jawbone...

You might ask, "Well, why is this a problem?" Let me answer that for you. This particular tooth is the only one in the mouth where the baby tooth is bigger than the adult one. It's 10mm big, where as the adult tooth is supposed to be 6mm. That's a 4mm difference!

Now, my Orthodontist wanted the tooth to be removed, so later on in life I can get an implant. Off to the dentist we went.

I got situated in the chair, they numbed me (about three times!) and proceeded to yank my tooth out. Fun fun. Except for one thing, it wouldn't budge. So they brought in a dentist that was more experienced, it wouldn't budge. Then he tugged and tugged and tugged, and it cracked...

But! It came out! (Though a tiny sliver of the root is still in my gum). Blood, blood, blood, and more blood, and after an eternity later, I got to go home. But, as it turned out between the two dentists and I, all three of us were left-handed!

I found that amazing, since only about 20% of the worlds population is left-handed!

But now I have a 10mm gap in my mouth that at the moment is covered with a chunk of gauze... And here we are. Waiting for it to heal, and dreading when my 600 mg of Ibuprofen will wear off XD

Sorry for being a bother and taking up your page, but thanks for reading if you made it this far XD Have an amazing Tuesday, and good luck on whatever you have planned today :)

No pressure, no diamonds. -Animevampire05

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