Our Beautiful Dying Planet


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The precious planet that we live on is truly beautiful, come and check it out!

Our Beautiful Dying Planet

This planet of our's truly is a marvel. There are the big things, and the little things, but they are both the most amazing things.

Earlier today, I went outside, and sat on our picnic table. I just sat there basking in the glory of fall. The spider webbed grass, the golden sunlight, and of course, the leaves.

I love watching the birds converse about what the route for migration is this year. And watching the squirrels getting ready for winter, and messing around in the trees.

This planets has unexplored ocean depths, beautiful mountain ranges, and ruins of ancient civilizations hidden in the jungle. Our planet contains so much beauty, why do people take if for granted?

Our planet is dying, guys. And it is humans who are the cause of this damage. I know some people don't agree with me, but all the facts are there. -CO2 emissions and Global Warming -Influx in sicknesses in the gene pool. - Consumption of animal products.

All of these facts, and more, are getting worse and worse every day, every year. Take the time to think where those uncut six pack rings will end up in a months time. In the ocean? Around the throat of an animal? Who knows, and that's the kicker. We do know, people are just choosing to be ignorant.

Hi guys, it's AnimeVampire and I do believe in all of the stuff I wrote in this post. If you care about this planet, you would have or will do something about it. You can become a vegan (like me), or you could go around planting trees, to help take out the excess CO2 in the atmosphere.

There are many things you could do to help, you just need to take that step. And once you stt taking more steps, It becomes second nature to think where those six pack rings will end up. And you'll always be doing something helpful to our Mother Earth.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this inspires some of you to help our planet. The little things count to! I found most of these pictures off of google, and some of them off of Commaful. -AnimeVampire <3

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