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I have an idea for a new story! It will be uploaded every Tuesday and Saturday.

New Story!

I have had an idea for a story! It's going to be split up into parts, because It's kind of long. It will be posted twice a week, every Tuesday and Saturday! The name of my story is- "Heart of Stars"

And, not to spoil it to much, but it's going to be a romance story, so if you're not into that type of stuff, this book isn't for you. sorry :< The two main characters names are Charlotte (Char) and Oliver. Char is seventeen years old, and Oliver is eighteen. This may become a classic romance, or there may be twists!

That's the fun about being the writer, you can play with the story and it's characters. The first start of the story will come out tomorrow, around 2:00 pm (Eastern Standard time). I'll do my best to make it as exciting and a journey as possible!

If for some reason it doesn't come out, that means: A. I'm sick or B. I can't access my Chromebook or phone.

I look forward to writing "Heart of Stars" and please keep in mind that this story is mine. I'm making it up as I go, so please don't steal my ideas. If you need inspiration, you can come to me. Or, if you want to use any part of my story, DM me!

Thank you to everyone reading this, and to everyone that will read my story, even if it's sporadically. It means a lot that you guys read my stuff, I know I'm not the best writer out there. Thank you, really.

No pressure, no diamonds. -AnimeVampire05

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