My room (My mind)

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animevampire05 We're all mad here.
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If my mind is where I live, then what does this room I call my mind look like?

My room (My mind)

My mind is messy, but beautiful a library.... Room to breathe and think. Windows to let in the light. Shelved upon shelves of memories.... many memories....

It's not your typical library... It has never been alphabetized or ordered, let alone has anyone ever been allowed in. It doesn't contain book and computers. Just my life, and my memories.

Who need food, when you can feel the joy of a happy moment? Who needs water when you can drink the tears from a devastating point in your life?

Thought after thought. Image after image. Memory after memory. Emotion after emotion. All these things to keep me alive and going. But....what about the way out?

There may be a door, but it's been rusted shut for some time now. There's no way to escape, but that's alright. You can't escape from your mind, and anyways.... Why would I want to leave this wonderful library of mine?

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