My New Home
               My New Home  thank you stories

animevampire05 When nothing goes right, go left....
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It has only been a week, but I feel like I have lived here forever <3

My New Home

Hello everyone, I know I made a thank you list yesterday, but I just had one more big thing to say. It has only been a week since I've joined Commaful, but It feels like it is my home. It feels like I have lived here my whole life.

There are so many amazing people, and they are all so creative and talented. I have had the most amazing luck in the world to find someone that is also identical to me, and to find some amazing friends on here.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone I have met so far, and to the people I will meet in the future.

Thanks to Commaful for being an amazing site where people can interact and share their amazing stories, art, experiences, and random things <3 Thank you -AnimeVampire <3

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