My Art These are some of my art from last years art classes, and also some of my doodles.
My Art

These are some of my art from last years art classes, and also some of my doodles.  art stories

animevampire05 What a plot twist you were....
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So, I made an Art Showcase, but there's a problem. I think it would be to long if I showcased all of my art, and everyone else's. So, I'm going to make on of just mine. Hope you like it!

My Art These are some of my art from last years art classes, and also some of my doodles.

This is the still life drawing that I did in pencil. A lot of people have liked this drawing, and personally it is one of my best ones.

This was an observational abstract drawing. This is the desk area of my art teachers space. I just added different patterns and things to it.

This is my Mandala for art class. We had to make a mandala describing me. It doesn't reall describe me anymore, but I do like how it turned out.

This one is two pages long, because the paper is a long poster.

We had a contest of making a Halloween poster last year. Sadly, I didn't even come in third, there are good artists at my school though!

I drew my eyes by looking into a mirror, and it didn't turn out half bad.

This is my pen and ink project. We ran out of time at the end of the year, so we had a small pen and ink project.

There is two parts to this drawing. It was a self portrait (before I bleached my hair). The two cats on the left are two of my eight kitties at home!

At the time I was reading that book actually. It is very good, I recommend it!

This is a sketch of the Other Mother from Coraline that I did.

I drew my precious Siamese cat Mina. She's my baby!

I shaded a sphere, and it turned out pretty good!

This is a piece that I did by looking at a girl sitting across from me, drawing her while not looking at my paper. Harder than it looks guys!

This was made by spilling colored water on a paper, and blowing it around into a shape. Actually very fun to do.

I drew the Joker, but I drew him to big, bad.

I also drew Superman

This is a picture of Dick Tracey

This is a drawing of Thor, my all time favorite Super Hero!

My cat was sleeping on my bed, so I drew a quick sketch of him<3

I made my own version of Todoroki from MHA. This is a human like version, and I added a Phantom of the Opera mask :)

After watching the new Dr. Doolittle movie, I needed to draw this little guy!

I had free time in art class, so I drew this! Turned out good, and it's my school colors as well (orange and black).

And of course, my favorite anime pair!

And that concludes the showcase of some of my art. Let me know which ones were your favorite, and your least if you want to! Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed!

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