Iris (the flower)
Iris (the flower) iris stories

animevampire05 I crown you the Queen of my heart Red~
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Just a little rhyme about my favorite flower :)

Iris (the flower)

Said to be named after the Greek goddess Iris, meaning rainbow. Which makes sense, the variety of colors in these guys put on quite a show.

Representing hope, courage, wisdom, and admiration So flowy and beautiful, they would make the best carnation.

And of course white for a bridal bouquet, purity and all that. Purple for the strong royalty and wisdom, you'd better take off your hat.

The bright yellow for conveying passion. Faith and hope for the beautiful blue fashion.

Originating in an Syria, and when Egypt conquered them, the Egyptian king took an interest in them. I mean who wouldn't fall in love with these beauties?! They have many uses, their a hidden gem <3

Used in oils, and for sedative medicine. Even great for teething babies, what the point in even making a comparison?!

Such a lovely and perfect flower, It's my all time favorite. I just wish I could hold one, and smell it's beautiful scent, and savor it.


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