I have something to say...
I have something to say... lgbtq stories

animevampire05 We're all mad here.
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Ummm......just read.......

I have something to say...

So, to any homophobes that may be reading this, go away and don't click any farther! Begone from my life and Earth! Now, onto what I have to say *nervous laughter*

I have recently found out that I'm bisexual. Rowan, if you're reading this, which you most likely are, then please don't freak out. I know this is a big change, but please don't tell mom and dad yet. I was scared of telling you honestly, but I don't want to hide anything from you.

I always share everything with you Rowan. So, I'm telling you now that I'm bi, and to keep it in Commaful. Thank you, and I'm still me :)

Now, since that is done, it's time to introduce all of you to my girlfriend! She is such an amazing person, talented, sweet, funny and wonderful! Her name is Red, but I'm not going to tell you here real name out of respect and privacy on her behalf.

She is very important to me, and I love her dearly. Plus, she is mine now, so if anyone is mean to her or hurts her, I'm here. Keep that in mind :3 So, go and follow my amazing girlfriend, @redstarsoldier! I love you Red <3

I think that about wraps it up, other than the fact that my brain is a jumbled mess. I've never really given my sexuality much thought before, I kind of just fell into the "straight" category. I didn't grow up around people who were bi, pan, poly, lesbian, gay or any of the many others. So, this is new to me.

I think that's it....and I still won't be writing due to the lack of space for thinking about it now XD I hope you all have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night and stay safe and warm. No pressure, no diamonds. -AnimeVampire05

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