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animevampire05 And the lion fell in love with the lamb.
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You know, I think I'm not going to do a depressing poem today.....I don't even know what to call this XD

Human Alarm

Whenever I hear or think of the word "alarm", the devil that sits on my nightstand instantly comes to mind. I swear, that thing can't yell any louder! But thankfully, I no longer have to use my alarm. My dad believes that him waking me up instead of my alarm is more effective.....which I guess is true....

But, who wants their dad coming into their room at 6:30 AM, shaking your warm shoulder with freezing cold hands?! I mean, I love you dad, but come on.... He sometimes finds it funny to mess with me even!

If my feet are out of the covers, he'll mess with them! And this morning, my ear was the victim XD Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he doesn't shout at me to wake up, like my mom does on my Birthday....(she yells "IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!" every single year).

Well.......I no longer have any idea to where this is going...... I guess the point is, no matter how many times I roll back over, my dad is still there XD I guess that's the end. If you can't tell, I'm out of ideas XD

No pressure, no diamonds. -AnimeVampire05

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