Heart of Stars (Part Two)
Heart of Stars (Part Two) heart of stars stories

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Char had the best night of her life, only to become the worst as she arrived at home!

Heart of Stars (Part Two)

Disclaimer- This is the second part of a series, so go and read the first part before continuing!

As his figure retreated back down the beach, I layed down on the soft sand. With a big sigh, I shifted my eyes from his almost-disappeared profile, and up to the stars. They looked amazing as I felt, brilliant and shining so very brightly. This feeling in my chest felt pulled to the stars, almost as if it belonged there. "Heart of stars" I mused aloud, laughing under my breath. "If only"

After laying there for a few seconds more, I gathered my things, and put my phone inside my hoodie pocket. It seemed that breeze picked up a little since Oliver left. It's more sharp and chilly. But, that's what I get for daydreaming after a stranger! Though, Oliver is no stranger any longer. But, what if he was just toying with me? How could he possibly find me beautiful.

As my walk home continued, I couldn't stop thinking about all the whys and what-ifs. I was confused at the idea, but was also elated. He was obviously interested in me, and I wondered if he would respond to my texts. What about a call?! My heart raced at the thought of hearing his smooth voice again. There was almost no way to describe it, other than perfect.

As I rounded the sidewalk leading to my front porch, I noticed all the lights on in the house. Confused, I pulled out my phone to check the time. 12:07! Shoot! It's already passed midnight?! Mom's going to kill me! I yelled in my head.

My feet began to drag behind me, fearing the coming confrontation almost as much as I was. Though, I kept moving forward, which was good....I think. Reaching for the handle, I braced myself for hurricane Emily. As the door swung open, I saw my mom's petite figure leaning up against the doorway to the living room.

"And where have you been, Charlotte?" she asked, using my full name. Yep, she's pissed, I thought to myself. "At the beach...." I said, hanging my head. I hated worrying my mother, and I guess I deserved what I knew what would come next. "Give me your phone" she said, as cool as an ice-storm.

Setting it in her hand, none to nicely, I stomped past her and up the stairs. Making a bee-line for my bedroom, I bumped into my oblivious little brother. "Hey!" he yelled at my already disappearing shape. After my door slammed shut with a loud bang, I heard one last thing. "What's HER problem?" my brother mumbled to himself.

Throwing my beach bag onto my bathroom floor, I sulked over to my bed. I was startled when I felt something brush against my ankle, until I realized it was just Mina. Bending down, I rubbed her cute Siamese face. "If only you could help, my teeny Meeny" I cooed at her when she flopped over.

As Mina purred away underneath my fingertips, I began beating myself up mentally. Well, looks like I never had a chance with Oliver after all. What's the point of pining after a boy who'll hate me after a week of unintentional silence?! The purring had gotten louder, and I looked down to Mina. She was standing on her hind legs, looking at me expectantly.

Running my hand from her head and down to her tail, I picked her up gently. Knowing she hates being picked up, I quickly set her down off to the side. I headed to the bathroom to shower, being mindful of Mina, now twining in-between my feet. "You never give up, do you baby" I asked her softly.

She just stared up at me with those big diamond-blue eyes of hers. Who I could have sworn held unknown secrets and answers. I reached for my windswept tangled hair, and let it out of it's now half-up ponytail.

Giving it a thorough brushing, I began to ready for a shower. Then, as thought after thought rushed through my brain, I recognized the sound of Mina, purring away at the doorway. Silly cat, she's never set one foot in the bathroom, even as a kitten.

Thanks for reading, and this chapter featured a cameo of my cat, Mina! She's an adorable angel, and her character in this series acts exactly like her! Not to waste your time, but a picture of my teeny Meeny is on the next slide :3

No pressure, no diamonds. -AnimeVampire05

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