Heart of Stars (Part One)
Heart of Stars (Part One) heart of stars stories

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Being caught staring at a total stranger? Awkward!

Heart of Stars (Part One)

His eyes shone in the brilliant moonlight, while his auburn hair looked aflame. He didn't even notice me watching him from farther down the beach. I noticed the sharp curve of his jaw, and my fingers itched to draw him. The perfect stillness in which he sat was intriguing, yet also confusing.

What could have attracted that much of his wondrous attention? Ah, the moon of course. His gaze was fixed solely on the white orb, hanging just above the oceans horizon. Then, as if feeling my gaze, he looked back at me over his shoulder.Noticing me staring, he smiled and waved.

I quickly looked away, embarrassed at begin caught. But, as I turned my head back, I noticed him standing up. My heart sank, realizing he was leaving. I looked both ways down the beach, and realized that it was late, and no one else was here. Time sure does fly....

I looked down at my hands, dejected, when a shadow appeared above me. I looked up in surprise, seeing the boy standing over me! And man, he was even more perfect up close. "Nice to meet you, I'm Oliver" he said, kneeling down on my blanket, smiling.

"Um..I'm Charlotte, but call me Char" I said, face so hot and red. "Char, you have a beautiful name" he said. I can only assume, that at this point, I was as red as a strawberry. "Thank you" I said, finding myself looking down at my hands. "I have a question for you Char, if you don't mind" he said while cocking his head slightly.

Handsome, I thought to myself. "Go for it" I said, looking up with a smile instead. "Was there any particular reason why such a pretty girl like you, was staring at me?" he asked giggling. "Oh, um...you noticed then?" I whispered. "Of course, but you're evading my question Ms. Char." "I'm going to embarrass myself so much..." I said laughing.

"No, no need to be embarrassed" he said, laughing along with me. And as my laughter faded, I told him why. That he looked brilliant and intriguing washed in the moonlight, and that I wanted to draw him. "You, want to draw me?!" he asked confused. "Yes" I nodded, shy once again.

He smiled at me, a blush rising in his cheeks as well. "Does that mean you find me pleasing to look at then?" he teased lightly. "Yes, you are" I blushed There was an uncomfortable silence after I said that, and I shifted my feet underneath me. It was broken when Oliver asked me another question.

"It's getting quite late, but before I head out, could we trade phone numbers?" he asked smiling, traces of the blush still visible. "Um..sure!" I said, trading phones with him. As I typed my number into his contacts, I thought about when we would see each other again. If ever.

"There, all done, maybe when I'm free, you can draw me" he teased again. I just laughed, and the stupid blush was still covering my face. "Text me when you get home safe, ok Char?" he pointed a finger at me, heading away and back down the beach. "Sure" I called out to his retreating figure. He really does look amazing in the moonlight....

No pressure, no diamonds. -AnimeVampire05

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