Friendly Contest!{Closed}
Friendly Contest!{Closed} contest stories

animevampire05 The lion fell in love with the lamb.
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I've had an idea for a contest, I think it's pretty unique. What do you think?

Friendly Contest!{Closed}

I was working on finding some inspiration, when I thought of listening to some of my favorite music. And then I kind of got sidetracked. But! When I came back to the thought, I decided I should make a contest out of it!

Instead of giving you prompts, you have to shuffle your playlist (if you don't have one I can provide one) and write a poem or story about the first song that's randomly chosen. Now, please be honest. If you shuffle the playlist, and don't like the song, keep an open mind about it. Expand your boundaries!

Like I said before, if you don't have a playlist, I would be more than happy to provide one. Just DM me and I'll send you the link!

Now, for some rules: -Obviously, please keep it PG-13. There can be cuss words, but it can't be littered with them. -No plagiarizing! If you use an exact line from the song, please mention somewhere who/what song the poem was inspired by.

Now, for some rules: -Only one entry per person please. -You may write a story, but please keep it relatively short. -No existing poems/stories can be entered, it has to be something written after you've read this!

Now, for some rules: -And lastly (I think), by Commaful rule, you have to site your sources. If you use an image from Pinterest or any other site besides Commaful, site it in the description.

Ok, so- Today is the 19th of March. I'll give you all until April 9 to get all the entries in. If my math is correct, that's three weeks. Not that many people will enter, but that's alright XD

For prizes!! I don't have much to offer, and I'm not very well known, so I'll be giving some different prizes.

For prizes!! I don't have much to offer, and I'm not very well known, so I'll be giving some different prizes. Drawings and poems, just for you!

If you win first place, you can ask me to draw you anything you fancy! (Within reason of course) Along with that, I will make you a poem dedicated in your honor, and a chance for a collaboration.

For the second place winner, I will make a poem dedicated in your honor, and you'll also have the chance for a collaboration.

Third place gets a chance for a collaboration. Also, I will shoutout to all the winners entries once the contest ends! (There may be an honorable mention or two)

I think that's it.....🤔

I think that's it.....🤔 Right?

I don't know, I think so. But remember, if you need a playlist, I can arrange one. Also, if you have a specific genre wanted, I can make one for that as well. And, any questions that you want to ask concerning the contest, I'd be glad to answer them!

Can't wait to read all the entries, and I hope at least a couple people enter😬

All entries due by April 9th! No pressure, no diamonds. -AnimeVampire05

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