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Nothing like Psychology at 7:00 am :>

Did You Know.....

So, I've always be a sucker for Biology class, science is just so interesting! Back on topic..... I'm in a Psychology class right now, and we're learning about the brain, spinal cord, and all that fun stuff. Just kidding, it is fun.

So, did you know that: The cerebellum works in conjunction with the reticular activating system (RAS), which is vital to attention, sleep, and arousal? No?

Well, long story short, a tiny part of your brain controls all of your sleeping, waking, and your attention. Just a tiny part of your brain, the cerebellum, that makes up only 10% of your brains body weight, works with the RAS to control all of that.

I just find all of this so fascinating! Sorry for the random post, but I wanted to share the wonders of the brain :) Nothing like Psychology at 7:00 am :> -AnimeVampire05

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