Dark Heart [Chapter 8] (A collab with Kaylee)
Dark Heart [Chapter 8] 

(A collab with Kaylee) vampire stories

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Dark Heart [Chapter 8] (A collab with Kaylee)

I have to say, for a human, Quitt was incredibly quiet. He caught me off guard, which rarely happens to someone of my nature. As I looked up at him, mouth surely agape, he just smiled down at me. I snapped back to my razor-sharp senses, and hurriedly released myself from his supporting arms.

"Um...thank you" I muttered, while straightening my tight dress. "Anytime" Quitt laughed. "So, why are you here?" I asked him, regaining my cool serenity. A look of pure guilt crossed Quitt's face, mixed with a bit of fear as well.

"W-well, um....Y-you see, I r-remember..." was all the words I let him stumble over. I placed my pale finger over his lips to shush him. His eyes went even wider, and I dropped my hand and brushed past him. "Coming?" I asked, batting my eyelashes maybe a little bit too much

Even though I was laying on the charms pretty thick, Quitt seemed to be unaffected. Well, other than the fact that his guilt was plastered all over his face. I just turned back around when he continued to stand there, and smiled to myself when I heard running feet behind me.

My long-legged stride put me already far ahead of him, so he came halting to a stop beside me, short-of-breath. "I wanted...to ask you...something!" he gasped out between heaving breaths. I stopped walking for Quitt's sake. "Ok, and what would you like to ask me then?"I asked.

"You what?" I asked confused after he was done asking. " I would like to take you out to dinner, if you wouldn't mind" he said matter-of-factly. My brain fired a mile-a-minute to come up with excuses as to why I couldn't go. There's no way I could stomach human food, not even for this mortal.

"I'm on a very strict diet" I said, referring to my slim and slender body. Quitt followed my indicating hand, and I could hear his heart beat quicken considerably more. "Are you done?" I asked, cocking my hip.

"S-sorry" he burst out, his face turning bright pink. As the blood rushed to his face, I realized again that I was hungry, and that he smelt delicious. "Are you done?" He asked slyly, putting emphasis on 'you'. It was then that I realized I had been staring, while drifting off into blood-fantasy.

If there was blood running through my veins, I would be blushing just as much as he was. "Yeah" I snapped, hastily spinning around on my heels. I took quick and long strides and Quitt struggled to keep up with me. Which luckily, all his focus was concentrated on keeping up and it stopped him from talking.

After an hour of silently walking through the streets of New York, we neared the apartment complex. My pace had slowed, and Quitt took the chance to ask yet another question. As we walked up the steps and through the front door, he asked: "Would you like to come in?"

No pressure, no diamonds. -AnimeVampire05

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