Dark Heart [Chapter 4] (A collab with Kaylee)
Dark Heart [Chapter 4] 

(A collab with Kaylee) vampires stories

animevampire05 And the lion fell in love with the lamb.
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Chapter 4! Kaylee and I will alternate writing chapters from now on.

Dark Heart [Chapter 4] (A collab with Kaylee)

As we sat in the back of the cab, I began to wonder if Quitt had an off button. Annoyed and ready to be home, out of these heels, I moved my hair over my shoulder. It was then that I noticed Quitt stealing glances at me. "Do you need something, or do you just like what you see?" I ask him, vexed.

Looking into my eyes, Quitt realized that I wasn't joking. "Oh..um...I'm sorry if I offended you. I was just noticing how unique you look." Narrowing my eyes further, Quitt realied how that must have sounded once said aloud. "Oh god, I'm messing up bad, aren't I?" He said, rubbing the back of his pale neck.

Then, as if a switch inside me was flipped, I couldn't look away from his neck. I tasted the metallic venom secreted from my mouthful of fang. Nails digging into the seat, his fast heartbeat was highly audible. "Would you please stop that!?" I burst out.

Shocked at my sudden outburst, his hand fell back into his lap. I snapped my gaze from his enticing neck, and out the grubby cab window. It seemed that Quitt's heart rate only increased as the silent minutes stretched on.

After a very uncomfortable car ride back, and Quitt insisting on paying the fare, we arrived "home". It was odd to think that this wonderfully smelling human lived to close to me, yet we've only just met. "Well, I guess this is good night then. Sleep well" Quitt said, attempting to break the silence.

I stifled a laugh. Sleep? What's that again? When I didn't respond, Quitt looked down at the pavement. Poor kid, thinks I'm giving him the could shoulder. Ha! I'm just full of jokes today. "Yeah, see you around" I said, heading up the front steps. Giggling all the while.

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