Cartoonize My Pet App (。◕‿‿◕。)
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animevampire05 What a plot twist you were....
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Come and check out this cool app! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Cartoonize My Pet App (。◕‿‿◕。)

Ok, so..... I have found a new app! Well, I didn't find it, I actually saw a post about it. So and check out @it_is_me_potato's post "I made some art"!!! It's awesome. Ok, now......

So, as some of you may know, I love animals in general, and I myself have eight cats. This app relates to pets, and is called- Cartoonize My Pet It's an amazing app, where you can use their pre-made template(s) (so many to choose from XD) and create one of your own pets, or just a random animal.

Note, that there are no wild animal templates, these templates consist of the somewhat normal pet choices. For example, you can make many cat, dogs and rodent pets/animals, but you can also make horses and reptiles if you want.

The thing is, a note pops up when you click on the reptiles page. Don't exit out of this note guys, you can still use some of their previous templates. The note is on the next slide guys....

You can actually click the "Access Pet Archive" button, and some reptiles are available for you to use. Ok, so now, I believe I covered all of the basics...... Now, time to show you my eight cats using this site <3 This gives me a chance to show off my furry babies, but also give you guys an idea of what the templates/art style looks like. (I only have done my cats so far though).

A cool feature of this app is that you can name the pet, once you save it. So, the names of my cats are at the bottom of the picture (It helps, so I don't have to write over the picture XD).

So there were my eight babies. I was able to get the look very close to that of my original cats, thanks to the multitude of templates available. The only challenge, was making Calypso. All calico cats have a very unique pattern, and so that makes it very hard to get a certain pattern that your calico cat has. Otherwise, it was fun!

Also, If you guys want a more in-depth post about how to work/navigate the site, you can ask me in the comments, or you can message me <3

Also, I will definitely be making more animals of mine from the past, and just some random ones! So, if you want me to post those, just let me know <3 Thanks for reading if you're still here, I know it was lengthy, sorry about that. But it's almost over, I promise XD

I hope you enjoyed, and that you go an check out this site. You can create an account of your own, free of charge!!!! And a cool thing is, once you make a pet, and save it, you can purchase them from the site as well!!!

There are two purchase option on this site. You can purchase the picture as it is, or you can purchase it a HD image of your pet. (I don't know what that is, but I will google it later XD) The first choice costs $5.00 (US) The second one costs $25.00 (US)

So, anyone interested in the app yet? If you are, great, and if you're not, that's fine as well :)

Again, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!! Also, thank you all for being amazing, and to all my followers. I don't care how many their are, I just love that people enjoy my posts enough to follow me <3 Bye for now guys!!! (Side note: Do you guys want a name? ) -AnimeVampire05

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