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animevampire05 We're all mad here.
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Anyone remember that one post I made about an Art Showcase I was hosting? Yeah, me neither XD

Art Showcase!!!

So, when I first joined Commaful, I wanted to make an Art Showcase!! I just remembered about it, and thankfully, I got some entries! So, a special thanks to: @papya_grl619 @rowan0530 @mazerunnerminmi @ashes_ashes for entering, and I'll also be adding some of my art as well!

So I'll start off with @papaya_grl619's artwork. I love her style of art, and I think her artwork is amazing <3 The next six pieces are her artwork, enjoy :)

Isn't she just so talented???!!! Ok, now onto @mazerunnerminmi's artwork!! Get ready for:

Amazing!!! Now, time for @ashes_ashes art, get ready to be blown away <3 Amazing art on the next six slides-

You know, I'm just in love with the simplicity and beauty of that orange flower <3 Great job @ashes_ashes!!

Weren't those just mind blowing!!!??? @ashes_ashes, you're super talented <3 Now onto my sis's artwork Xp Look at these:

Isn't she just so talented XD XP She really is though :) Ok, now onto my art :p ....:

I have ton's more, so check out my other posts if you're interested :) A huge thanks again to everyone who participated!! If anyone else would like me to make another one in the future, and include some of their art, just shoot me a message. -AnimeVampire05

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