Almost Too Good to be Real
Almost Too Good to be Real love stories

animevampire05 The lion fell in love with the lamb.
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Help, my heart has been stolen!
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Almost Too Good to be Real

Flitting through a world of fiction, and stumbling across a beautiful treasure. A girl so wonderful, filled with humor and love, so easy it was to fall for her.

I didn't know a being could be perfect in every way that counted, yet still accepting of reality and shed of those pesky rose-colored glasses.

Her way of bringing a smile to my face and drawing out every drop of love I have, it's breathtaking.

Her way of being so considerate and understanding is so unlike most others, it's refreshing.

Her way of overthinking and catching every unspoken thought and feeling, it's touching.

And most of all

And most of all.

And most of all..

And most of all...

Her way of pouring all love and care into our relationship, it's no wonder she stole my heart so quickly.

No pressure, no diamonds. -AnimeVampire05

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