We are one no matter what
We are one no matter what  stories
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animerobin I love my family,friends and my bf
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We are one no matter what

Everyday we spend with each other we make it worth wild

I know we love each other cause deep down in my heart I love him with all my heart

Someday I would love to have a family with him but just one kid that's all.

Michael is my savior my protector and I put my whole life in his hand and I know he will protect me for the rest of my life.

Sometimes I like sitting with him so he can protect me.

Sometime's I like waking up in the morning to him and him making me breakfast and a cup of orange juice.

Sometimes though I have to be myself without a man where I can sing and dance and be with my friends .

And If anyone mess with me or my boyfriend or are future kid they get shot.

For he is my butler and I am his mistrust and together we can rule the world together.

He is apart of my life and he is apart of my heart without him my heart would break into a thousand pieces.

If he dies I don't know who will be there to protect me or my kid.

To : Michael Jennings Happy Valentines From : Robin Stevens

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