Death Of One Of My Family Members
Death Of One Of My Family Members stories

animerobin I love my family,friends and my bf
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Death Of One Of My Family Members

Today I just got informed that my German mom has died I do not know how she died but I will know soon I didn't even know her to begin with but all you need to know is that I still love all my German family.

This is one of my German family Stephan Gundersdorf and that dog is my dog Bear Stevens

And this is my other German family Yvonne Köhler-Gundersdorf and the woman beside her is my american/German mom Carmen Stevens

And this is My Grandma that lives in morehead I love her to death this was taken while my German aunt Yvonne Köhler was visiting america.

I would like to take a moment of silence to pray for my German mom as she goes to heaven may she rest in peace

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