Liam pt 2
Liam pt 2 wolf stories

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I walked through the door and the first thing I observed was no obvious signs of burglary and the faint smell of mint and lemon like someone was trying to cover up all the smells. I went into the back to check video footage for anything that would stand out and there was nothing nobody unusual had come in or out of the building all night but I did see something strange

Liam pt 2

I walked through the door and the first thing I observed was no obvious signs of burglary and the faint smell of mint and lemon like someone was trying to cover up all the smells.

I went into the back to check video footage for anything that would stand out and there was nothing nobody unusual had come in or out of the building all night but I did see something strange

a falcon was perched on the roof of the building in all the robberies like it was watching for trouble.

I mean at first glance you do not think it is anything, but the falcon is not hunting it is just sitting looking around, so I think it is a shifter falcon.

I look in the shifter database and search for falcon shifters in the area. I find ten different shifters in the area.

I decided to table this investigation for a while so that I can go out and get me a nice suit and a gift for my mate for the Policeman's ball but what type of gift should I get for her.

I may need Luke's helps on this one.

I pulled out my phone and did a search for the best place to get a suit in my area and after a little digging and thinking about my budget I decided that Macy's was the place to go.

I hoped into my black 1nine67 Chevrolet Impala,

with custom leather seats with a wolf howling at the moon embroidered into the headrests(yes I know it's not the standard cop car but even detectives have to spoil themselves every once in

a while and I mean it's a perk for being Alpha to the best pack on this side of America), and drove to the nearest store.

When I got there I went straight to the men's department and after about ten minutes of browsing I found a Ralph Lauren suit I guess the name of it is called Lauren Ralph Lauren and it has

a wool ultra-flex jacket with two-button closure, four-button cuffs, welt chest pocket,

front flap pockets and center vent also classic fit pants that sit at the waist and are relaxed through the hips and thighs with a straight leg opening it fit me just right.

I found a white Bar III men's slim-fit performance stretch tonal houndstooth dress shirt and Michael Kors men's pin dot ground diamond silk tie.

I decided to go and browse the women's section of the store so I could get Cleo a gift.

After an hour of looking and being clueless about what she would like and being slightly too prideful in not wanting to admit defeat and call Luke for help one of the workers came to the rescue.

I told her that I was looking for a dress for my girlfriend and I told her Cleo's size.

I also told her that money wasn't a problem and I guess that was the magic word because after only five minutes she came back and showed me what she found it was a gorgeous emerald dress

with shimmery satin that combines to create a floor-sweeping gown from Xscape, Badgley Mischka Kiara embellished peep-toe evening pumps, INC International concepts I.N.C.

Ranndi sparkle clutch, 10k gold emerald and white diamond accent oval ring, 10k gold emerald and diamond accent earrings and Michael Kors Sexy Ruby eau de parfum.

I spent a mini fortune at Macy's, but I was not done yet I was determined to get Cleo's undivided attention before she goes into heat and by the smell of her today it will be soon.

I decided to go home and do a little online shopping for my mate.

I live on what people would consider the outskirts because the pack owns a lot of land and in the middle of that land is a 7,

000 square foot modern showcase home by Ron Davis Custom Homes in Preston Hollow featuring exceptional modern custom finishes with warm wood accents.

It also includes floating stairs with tile accent wall and second tower stairs with rift cut oak.

A view of Cooper aerobic center, elevator, hidden safe rooms, temperature-controlled wine room, junior master suite, game and media combination with linear fireplace, and an 82-inch TV.

There is a huge wet Bar with an island opening to the balcony and exercise rooms. I upgraded the house to Gagguneau custom appliances since I became Alpha.

I also added comfort plus energy features, Lutron RadioRa 2 lighting plus Control 4 sound controls and 24 hour monitored security.

I have lived in the pack house my entire life so becoming Alpha was just me moving from one room to another and my parents who are the former Alpha and Luna of our pack moving into

a home closer to the outer perimeter of our territory.

As I drove up to my home my beta Rick who has been my best friend since the day we were born walked up to me and said,

"Would you like to know what has been going on here before or after you tell me as your best friend and not your beta why you spent over six thousand dollars shopping for clothes?"

I laughed because I had a feeling that Davis the pack financial advisor/IT guy would ever believe that I would shop for anything other than the bare necessities of life or a new car and said,

"Let me guess Davis was concerned."

"He thought maybe someone outsmarted him and hacked your account without his knowledge but then we checked the stores security cameras and let's just say we were all a little bit surprised

when we saw it was actually you buying " suits and woman's evening wear."

"Well long story short I met my mate and I have to work fast because she will be going into heat soon."

"So she is a shifter that's a relief."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean no disrespect Alpha but mating non-shifters is not the best thing for a pack our size.

You know what happened to your cousin when he mated a succubus and how his pack turned on him for mating that sex crazed woman or even Alpha Tanner who mated with a witch it turned out well

for him in the end but the Elders were not happy and still put her though yearly interview checks.

Basically I'm saying it would be easier transition for the entire pack if you mated with a shifter."

"Thanks for the faith but it will hardly be easy seeing how she is a cat shifter and kind of leading her own pack."

"What do you mean by that because from what I know of cat shifters they have prides not packs?"

"Remember when I was telling you about Luke and Aiden?"

"Yeah you invited them to join us and they declined the offer."

"Yeah well she is the reason why?"

"Ok you lost me because wolfs don't follow orders from cats. It is usually the other way around."

"I would not have believed it myself if I did not see it with my very own eyes, but she is there Alpha cat shifter and all.

From what I gathered though is that even with her being a cat she is a great leader and they feel like they owe her there life and they won't leave her pack or pride to join mine also they

have different types of shifters in the pack."

"Ok now I follow they are orphans who found family with each other. So how are you going to get our Luna to except you and the title change?"

"Well I'm going to start by sending my trusting beta to deliver these gifts then I'm going to do a little online shopping and have that delivered too."

"That's it you are going to try to bribe her with gifts even though considering what Aiden and Luke drive they are pretty well off and she doesn't need your gifts."

"Your right. What do you suggest I do?"

"I don't know maybe the obvious."

"Which is?"

"Ask her on a date oh mighty alpha, most likely in person."

"Your right."

I went and handed Rick everything I purchased for Cleo and said, "Deliver these personally to her and let her know that I would greatly appreciate it if she wore this to the Policeman's Ball."

"No problem, but just for curiosity what did I do to deserve this detail?"

"Your mated and I trust you. It is just a bonus that you were being a smartass. You can go now."

After he left, I walked straight to my room and hung up my suit in my closet then I went to my office to do some shopping.

After I logged onto my Surface Go laptop I typed in www.hotmiamistyles.

com and I spent almost three thousand dollars on dresses, skirts, tops, swimwear,

and pants I set it up so that most of the items are sent to her home tomorrow but a few select items delivered here.

Then I went on edible arrangements and ordered the grand forever my love basket with dipped pineapple and bananas, Edit bear, chocolate dipped bananas,

the great outdoors mug with apple truffles, and a six count dipped fruit box with strawberries, apples, and bananas I had that arranged to be delivered around the same time as the clothes.

Last I went on a flower website and I found the perfect arrangement it is an assortment of rainbow roses and Peruvian lilies, fourteen piece box of simply chocolate premier collection,

twelve piece of decadent chocolate covered strawberries, and a six feet tall Lotsa Love(r) Beary Big Bear For Love.

I know Rick said not to try to buy her love, but I just want to show her that I can treat her like a Queen and spoil her. I hope she likes everything.

I lean back in my chair and I start to daydream about Cleo sitting on my desk with her legs on either side of me. I start to feel my pants getting tight as my erection grows.

I start to imagine her standing on my desk dancing and swaying her beautiful slender hip right before I was going to relieve all this built up pressure there was a knock on my door.

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