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We walked down the hall and turned three corners until we finally reached a vault but before he unlocks it I rub on his arm and there is this weird orangish red glow where my hand trailed on his arm and I say I would like my own personal jewelry appraiser to look at the jewels he said, "Yes of course.

Cleo pt 2

We walked down the hall and turned three corners until we finally reached a vault but before he unlocks it I rub on his arm and there is this weird orangish red glow where my hand trailed on

his arm and I say I would like my own personal jewelry appraiser to look at the jewels he said, "Yes of course.

" I pulled out my phone and called Marcy and told her to follow my scent and meet me. When she got there, I touched his arm again and said, "Now you can open it.

" He slide his badge typed in a password and entered his master key into the lock when it finally opened it was like I was in jewelry heaven there were diamonds, emeralds, rubies, jades,

amethysts, and a whole lot others it was so beautiful. I looked over at Tim and asked, "Can I see your most expensive stone?"

He replied, "Of course."

After he walked away from me, I said in a whisper that human ears cannot hear. "Take pictures of any vents or alarms in here for the guys."

She replied, "Alright just keep him busy with whatever is making his arm glow."


When Tim got back he had with him a heart shaped dark blue diamond it was so beautiful I smiled so big when I touched it.

I said, "How much?"

He replied, "As is 2.5 million but if we put it in a setting and make different pieces with it the price could vary."

"I want to take it with me when I leave here today."

"I would suggest waiting a week so that we can make it into something for you. We could put it on a chain and set it in platinum or gold. Or anything of your choice."

"No thank you I appreciate your suggestions, but I have someone who will do this beautiful diamond justice. So can I just buy it as is and have it now?"

"Yes of course would it be cash or debit?"


I pulled out my fake id and credit card and handed it to him. "Right away ma'am.

" We walked out of the vault and Tim made sure that the vault was completely secure before he grabbed my card and id to go process and complete my transaction.

Marcy looked at me and said, "You know we could have just stolen that right?"

"Yes I know that but then I wouldn't be able to wear it and that would be such a shame. Almost a crime in itself."

"Whatever it's your money."

"First rule about how to stay rich is never spend your own money."

"Then whose money did Mrs. Zale just spend?"

"The pure beauty is that the money belongs to Richard Harrison."

"You mean that twisted fucker who murdered and raped six teenage girls and dismemberment three of them. And got away with it over some dumbass technicality."

"The one and the same with a little hacking magic this card is connected to all his accounts even his offshore ones." "And a stone only costing 2.

5 million is all you could do?

" "Oh honey that's not all earlier today I wired sixteen million dollars to each of his victims' families which whipped out his accounts he has publicly and I'm just getting started on the

ones he thinks are hidden."

Tim came back with my purchase wrapped up and ready to go.

He handed me my cards and asked with a smile most likely imaging the commission he is going to get from this, "Would that be all for you today Mrs. Zale?"

"Yes that would be all today thank you."

"Ok have a wonderful day and come again soon."

I put the diamond in my purse and Marcy and I left.

When we got outside Marcy asked, "Are you going home right now?

" I looked at her and replied, "No I still have to go visit the boys at the station then I'm going to go see Ash to have her make me a work of art out of this baby.

Try and get those photos enlarged and developed so the boys can study them tonight."

"Alright Cleo."

I got in my car and drove to the police station. When I got there I had to walk through two different metal detectors then I came to the front desk the officer said, "What can I do for you?"

I smiled at him and said, "I would like to speak to Luke and Aiden."

"And who should I tell them is here to see them."


"Do you have a last name?"

"Not one that I'm willing to share."

"Ok then just if you could wait one minute."

The officer got on the phone and weirdly put it on speaker because I'm pretty sure he knows I'm a shifter and would have been able to hear the conversation anyway without

the extra assistance though I did appreciate the thought.

Luke picked up and said, "What can I do for you?"

He replied, "I have a Cleo here at the front desk requesting to see you and Luke. Would you like me to send her up?"

"Cleo who? What is the last name?"

I reached over the desk and picked up the phone and said, "It's the Cleo who is going to change the locks and kick your sorry ass if you don't tell this man to let me up."

He laughed and said, "You wouldn't do that you love me too much."

"Just try me. Can Aiden hear me?"

Aiden replied, "Yeah I can hear you but so can our boss and..."

I cut him off before he could finish and said, "Aiden if you don't get Luke to let me up I will take Ash to the male strippers convention and we will be gone for an entire week."

"You would never do that to me. Plus, Ash would never go for it."

"Want to bet? I mean you know how much she liked Magic Mike XXL and how she reacted to her pre-mated celebration in Vegas. I think she would love it.

Plus, when was the last time she had wild can't walk sex from my calculations it has been awhile."

I heard Aiden pushing Luke and another male voice laughing in the background then Luke finally said, "Put the guy back on the phone Cleo.

" I handed him the phone and after a few minutes he hung up then told me, "Take the elevator to the third floor walk through the glass double doors and you should find them in Liam's office.

" When I got to Liam's office, I did not knock I just walked right in like I owned the place and sat on the desk.

There was a man sitting directly behind me in the desk chair that I am assuming is Liam because I do not recognize him, but he did smell amazing to me.

Luke and Aiden were sitting on opposite sides of a long black leather couch that was sitting in the corner of the room.

Luke being the most respectful out of the three of us in the room spoke first and said, "Alpha Liam the woman sitting on your desk is Cleo if you haven't already guessed that.

Cleo the man behind the desk you have your ass on is Alpha Liam Leishman of the Amaris Pack also known as the man who tried to poach your boys by the way why the FMs?

I mean this is a police station not a club.

" I ignored Luke's question and spun around to at least shake the man's hand I means it is the least I can do seeing how I am sitting my ass on his desk.

When I turned around and our eyes met for the first time, I felt like I was both hit by a speeding bullet train and set on fire at the exact same time.

My pussy was on fire and my heart was pounding out of my chest. After I, few seconds that felt like hours, I got myself under control and said to Liam, "Hey."

He smiled at me and replied, "Hey. What does the FM stand for?"

"Fuck me."

"As much as I want to, I prefer not to have an audience when I do."

"Where is the fun in that. By the way I was talking about the shoes."

"Why do you call them that?"

I leaned back and put my legs on his shoulders and pulled him closer to me I could hear him growling and it was sending vibrations to my clit that almost had me Cumming in seconds but I held

out and just said, "You tell me." He looked over at Aiden and Luke who were looking extremely interested in what I was doing I removed my legs then started laughing.

I said, "Anyway guys I came by to tell you that Marcy needs you at the house right after work but I also traced the accounts of Mr.

Harrison and the federal government might be interested in a few of them I already e-mailed you the link.

And you might want to be prepared because I sent you a little something else, he was trying to hide. It is quite disturbing.

Seeing how his case was dismissed without prejudice you can get him on the same changes.

" I hoped off the desk and said, "It was nice meeting you I guess I will see you at that ball thing in a few days.

" I left and I went to go run my last important errand of the day to Ashley's shop to give her this diamond so that I can be gorgeous the next time I see Mr. Sex on a Stick Liam.

This ball I am being forced to go to just got a whole lot more fun.

More chapter on Dreame and Wattpad. Story written by Khadejia Miller

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