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Have you ever met someone who you are destined to be with, but it is doomed from the start because of your work? But not like someone you just like but someone who was literally made for you by the highest power.

Cleo pt 1

Have you ever met someone who you are destined to be with, but it is doomed from the start because of your work?

But not like someone you just like but someone who was literally made for you by the highest power.

Well that is my situation but let me not get ahead of myself and let us start from the beginning so that you can understand my life a little bit more and get to know me.

My name is Cleo Wilson and I am a cheetah shifter plus something else but that is even a mystery to me.

I have long black hair with golden brown streaks, an athletic figure with DD breasts and a diamond face with cat shaped eyes and full lips.

I live in a ten-bedroom house with my seven best friends/co-workers/family we all grew up in an orphanage that was strictly for shifters only.

We all got there in different ways but me I was the only one where that place and those people were all that I knew, and everybody would always leave.

I was left there when I was literally only two hours old so I was the kid that never adopted out not exactly the oldest kid there but definitely the kid that had been there the longest due

to that little mystery everybody was afraid to adopt me. Now for you to really get into the story let me introduce you to my family and of course it is ladies first.

Let start with Ashley Wilson is a lioness shifter with an amazingly sculpted body. Jade Wilson is a falcon shifter with an athletic figure. Marcy Wilson is wolf shifter with an hourglass figure.

Aidan Wilson who is Ashley's mate is a wolf shifter with a body that is what fantasies are made of.

Dominic Wilson is a snake shifter a king cobra to be exact and let just say he is not a slacker in the looks department either.

Eric Wilson is an eagle shifter and a very handsome and persuasive man. And last, we have Luke Wilson who is also a snake shifter, but he turns into a python.

We consider ourselves a pack or pride because we are all each other has now and we would do anything for each other especially when we are the best criminals the world has ever seen.

We have robbed three banks in the course of a week and have gotten away with over thirty million in cash and jewelry and that is not including what we consider petty crimes like check

and credit card fraud and computer hacking like into the DMV database.

We just have one more big job before we lay low for a while and just stick with our day jobs for a year or two then start again.

We all started robbing banks when we were sixteen and before that it was just shoplifting everything from food to jewelry.

We are now all twenty-six years old and we are happy and excited to pull off the biggest job we have ever done.

Today it was time to get down to business so I got out of my bed did my morning routine and put on my black leather pants, cheetah print shirt, black FM knee-high boots,

and my tennis bracelet that has rubies and diamonds set in platinum with matching hoop earring and ring.

I put my fake credit cards and IDs in a secret compartment in my clutch purse and went to the dining room table where everybody was waiting by the time I got there.

I sat at the table and said,

"Hey everybody should know what to do next but just to make sure we are all on the same page or for clarification purposes Luke and Aidan find out what the cops know about

our previous business ventures and if they are close which I highly doubt move them in a different direction.

Eric get me the complete layout of both Tiffany & Co on Fifth Ave and the MAD museum (Museum of Arts and Design) and I am talking sewers, storm drains, vents,

cracks in the foundation I want anything and everything. Dominic and Ashley, you guys are on money and jewelry duty I want it spendable and untraceable asap.

Jade you on security remember anything and everything. Marcy you are with me on the two mini heists to prepare us for the big one.

I will leave to canvass one of the building in ten minutes, but I need u to meet me there in twenty so dress appropriately please.

" Luke said, " Oh and Ash don't forget to get something nice for you and Cleo for the damn Policeman Ball we are being forced to attend on Saturday."

Ashley replied, " I actually did forget all about that but that's in three days. We have to go shopping."

Luke asked, "When u say we you do mean Cleo and you right?" Ashley laughed, "No I mean all of us as in Cleo, Aidan, me, and you."

Aidan looked at Luke and said, "I guess you are going to have to suck it up and hang with Cleo while I watch my mate try on sexy dresses and lingerie."

Ashley moved to sit on his lap and said, "And you also get to wear whatever I pick out for you and look like the sexiest man on the entire planet."

Aiden replied, "Anything for you my beautiful sexy mate." He leaned in and kissed her, and I scrunched up my face and said do not you guys have a room for all that disgusting mate stuff.

Ashley looked up at me and smiled, "Don't u have somewhere to be? And FYI we were going back to our room to have loud kinky wild sex."

Jade looked annoyed and said, "TMI!"

Marcy said, "Ewe gross".

Dominic started singing "bye ho bye ho it's off to work I go." Ashley and I both started laughing at Dominic then I went to the garage to get my car.

I got into my black with red stripes Camaro then I drove to the first Tiffany's on my list.

When I walked into the store I first that there are two armed guards, three floor workers, and one manager on shift right now.

I walked up to this jewelry case with all these beautiful engagement rings in it.

After about four minutes of just browsing a woman wearing a black pencil skirt that looked a size too small, a silky emerald blouse that had too many buttons undone,

and killer stiletto black heels in love walked up to me and asked, "Can I help you with something?"

I smiled at her and replied, "Can you please give me a minute?"

I pretended to be making a phone call until I watch Marcy walk in then I hung up the phone and looked at the girl again and asked, " Can you please show me to your manager?

" She smiled and said, "Of course right this way please.

" I followed the woman into the back office where a typical blah blah manager sat, he said, "Hello I'm Tim Smith what can I do for you today?

" I sat in the chair directly across from him and said in a really upbeat preppy voice,

"Hi I'm Molly Zale and I would like a custom piece made I am willing to spend whatever it cost but first if you could allow me to view the quality of your stones. I only want the best.

" "Of course, Mrs. Zale right this way we have only the best quality stones you will find."

"I hope so Mr. Smith."

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