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A 14-year-old girl is secretly being abused by her cousin's boyfriend, and she doesn't know how to tell her best friend. Will this secret tear her friendship apart, or reveal a deeper secret?

Kysteria Vercleas

Chapter 1: The Beginning

It’s been 10 years since my parents died. Every day gets worse and worse away from mankind, Henry still treats me like shit and is always cheating on his girlfriend.

I’m starting to ask myself why my parents had to get murdered…. why not me?

I grab my backpack out my locker and shut it with force, it’s the end of the day. Finally, I get to go home, a place where I actually get some attention. Not much, but I’ll take it.

“Hey, Lily!”

Startled I quickly turn around. “Jeez, Milo!”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you Ha-ha!”

“That was so stupid I could’ve punched you in the face!?”

He laughs idiotically.” I’m so sorry Lily!?”


Lily and Milo start walking down the deserted hallway.

“Are we still BFFs?”

“I don’t know.”

“Please, I was just playing with you?”

“Hm.” Of course, he doesn’t know that I’m playing around with him, we’ve been BFFs since forever.

“Maybe the tickle monster can change your mind?”

“No. You better not ha-ha.”

“Too late!?”

Milo pushes me against the lockers and starts tickling me like crazy. “Ha-ha-ha stop, stop! Please!?”

“You have to tell me you forgive me first?”

“Ha-ha-ha!!? Ok, ok fine I’m sorry I forgive you – Ha-ha!

“Thank you.” We continue walking acting like nothing just happened, to be honest, I’m surprised we didn't stir up any attention.

“Oh god, I’ve never been tickled so well before?”

“It’s a specialty of mine.”I and Milo reach the front of the school and walk out the main doors.

“Ugh, I hate the sun.” Milo grimaces.

“Me too I just want it to be dark and cloudy all the time?”

“Same, so I have a few questions since I’m coming to stay with you for a while?

“Ask away.”I and he cross the street and head into the woods.

“So, tell me who lives in the house with you?”

“Well, it’s me, my oldest cousin Kate, and her boyfriend.”

“What’s his name?”

“Henry.” I get so scared when I say his name I just want to piss myself….I guess.

“He sounds nice?”

“He is,” I say in the most pretending lie.

“His age?”


“So you’re the youngest one in the house huh?”

“Yep.” I put a fake smile on my face, it’s hard to try and hide things away from the people you truly love. I kind of feel bad for not telling him the truth about Henry.

I never lie to him but this is really important and I need to protect myself because if Henry finds out he will be so upset, he’ll try to beat me even more than he already does.

“You know Milo? Sometimes I wish that I either had an older brother or sister that actually stuck up for me.”

“Oh, Lily you know that I’d stick up for you? You’re like a little sister to me…..maybe even more.”

Oh no. I’m blushing!? Why the hell am I blushing stop blushing myself stop it! Well hopefully he doesn’t see it, but I’m pretty sure knowing how he is that he will.

“Well, that’s sweet Milo, but you know that other girl in our class has very strong feelings for you?”

“Yeah.Though I don’t love her as I love you - as a friend of course! Besides I don’t even know that girl?”

“Are you sure you don’t? I mean you two are pretty close especially that day that she asked you for a pencil, did you see the way that she looked at you?”

“I bet you were jealous of her.” He gives me a sweet smirk as if expecting me to do so back. As you can see this conversation probably isn’t going to end well….for me of course.

If you all didn’t know I am a very clumsy girl, and at certain times like this, I wish I was in hell.

“Catch me if you can Milo!” I start to jog ahead.

“Are you serious? You know you can’t beat me in a race! You’re just going to embarrass yourself as you did at lunch the other day?”

“I don’t see you -” Milo sprints pass me, he’s running so fast it looks as if he could have been a lightning god of some sort.

“Milo in the lead for the grand finale, and little Mrs. Swan in the back! Guess the ugly duckling story isn’t always right huh?”

“Uh. Your so mean!?” He’s joking isn’t he? Ha-ha I know he is, that’s what friends do to each other. “Wait Milo slow down some! I can’t keep up?”

“Ha-ha who’s slow now!.....” His voice fades away because he’s so far, I stop in my tracks and take a good look around. Where am I?

“Milo! Where are you? This isn’t funny come out, it’s starting to get a little dark out here!?

” The only sound I can hear is my own heart beating out of my v-neck, I’m getting scared but I don’t want Milo to jump out and see me looking like a loser.

I slowly start walking, making sure I don’t get any more lost than I already am. What was that? It sounded like something moved over in the bushes, ugh I’m just imagining things.

“Hi there…..”

“Milo is that you?”

“You can’t see me little one, I’m just a figment of your imagination? Or so you presume, ha-ha-ha.”

“Who’s there! Whoever it is I’m not scared of you!? Come out where I can see you!” I’m starting to get really upset, I don’t know why but I’m furious? I feel like I could….

hurt something? Or even worse, kill.

“Oh, my dear. You don’t want to see me? You’d be to scared of the things that hold me together…… and let me inform you now, it’s not what’s holding your precious…..figure together?”

“Please whoever you are leave me alone! Just stop it! Come out?” I run over to where the voice is coming from, only to see nothing.

Except for a little butterfly struggling to get in the air, it’s wings seem to be damp. Poor thing? “Don’t worry….” Lily steps on the butterfly. “....I saved you.”

“That’s my girl, end it’s suffering. Kill it, like you did your parents….”

I quickly snap out of my other state of mind. “What! No…. you’re lying!? I didn’t kill my parents? How could I, I was only four!”

“Aww, is my little swan mad? You foolish girl, haven’t you heard the saying big things come in small packages?....Hm-hm.”

“No, it can’t be? You’re just some stupid figure of my imagination! I’m just talking to myself is all, yeah, that’s it get ahold of yourself Lily? Everything will be alright.”

“Tsk-tsk, life isn’t all peaches and cream sweet thing? People make mistakes, even 14 year-old parricides? you.”

“I have to get out of here?” I start running as fast as my shaking frame can take me, I’ve never ran this fast before? Not even during track in gym.

“Milo! Help me!? Can you hear me? Please answer!” This can’t be happening, I know I didn’t kill my parents!.....Did I?

“Lily! Where are you?” Dammit, I knew I shouldn’t have ran ahead of her, she can’t keep up? “Lily! Are you out there?”

“Milo! -” I run straight into Milo, sending me and him both falling to the ground.

“Ow….my head?” Milo glances at Lily.

“Lily are you ok!?”

“Milo! Oh, am I glad to see you? We have to get out of this forest and back to my house quick?” Milo gets up and helps me off of the ground.

“Why what’s wrong?”

“I just talked - umm it’s just getting pretty dark out here and you know your best friend she hates what waits for her in the dark.” He looks at me suspiciously as if he knows I’m lying.

I can’t tell him, not yet at least. Who I talked to probably wasn’t even real, like “it” said a figment of my imagination.

“Oh, ok well I saw your house somewhere over there, so let’s make our way ok?” I sit and look behind me and Milo waiting to see something jump out of the darkness.

“Hey! Earth to Lily, did you hear me!?”

“Hm? Oh yeah, let’s go then. As long as no running is included.”

“Don’t worry.” Milo holds my hand. “I’m not losing you again.”

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