Sleep Paralysis
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animelover14Most of my stories have to do with me so
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Pretty weird I guess...

Sleep Paralysis

I hate nighttime. It's the only time I can hear him crawling around in my room.

When my parents and siblings are sleep he moves quietly on all fours.

The sound of his bones snapping behind my head at night gives me goosebumps.

I can hear him breathing it's low but harsh. He's whispering something.

My name. He wants me to join him, but I don't want to.

He becomes agitated. He starts to scream, and it's piercing my ears.

I can't make a sound or move at all. He crawls on top of my bed and stares at me.

His face 3 inches away from mine. His breath smells like hell.

I can feel my insides wanting to pour out my mouth.

He digs his claws into my sides. I can feel the blood pouring out of the gashes.

His black wings are closing around me and him. I can't see a thing.

For a second I can't breathe he's suffocating me. I want to scream, but can't.

I close my eyes and wish for him to disappear.

I slowly open my eyes and he's gone, but his stench is still lingering.

I can finally move, but it hurts because the gashes are still there.

So I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

Hoping I don't see him tomorrow night but I know I will.

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