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animelover14Most of my stories have to do with me so
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My life at the moment.


What's the purpose of living if we're all going to die one day.

There's no point in making friends, connecting with family, and trying your best to succeed if we're all just going to perish.

It's so hard to impress others. To smile, laugh, and tell the people I love that I'm alright.

Well, guess what? I'm not alright. I hate life. I hate living, and I would do anything to end my pain.

I can't though. I don't want to hurt the others I love. I don't want my little sisters to grow up without me. I don't want my parents to wonder about what they did wrong.

I'm scared. I don't like telling people because it makes me look weak. I want everyone to know that I can withstand anything, but I cannot.

When we die. Who knows for sure if heaven and hell are real. How do we know there isn't just darkness. Exactly, because such information is for us not to know.

All I hope is that life is as great as people make it sound. All the love, happiness, and joy. I just hope that someone can end my eternal pain and misery.

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