Don't Get In Cars With Strangers
Don't Get In Cars With Strangers stories
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animelover14 New me, new personality!! Much Love
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This gets pretty disturbing so caution to those who don't like bad things happening to young teens.

Don't Get In Cars With Strangers

Warning this gets pretty weird, so if you don't like disturbing things I wouldn't read. P.S Please give feedback! It's the only way for me to get better!!!!!!!!!!!

"I'll just get off here thanks for the ride!" I silently get out the car. The only sound I hear is my own breathing. I'll just find my own way it'll be ok. I see a bar in the distance. The sign on the front says 18 and up. "Shit." I take out my ponytail and roll up my shirt; as I walk inside eyes immediately go on me. A man stops me.

"Age?" "I'm 18 don't worry." I wink at him. He smiles and says ok moving to the side letting me go on. I walk towards the bar. There's only one guy sitting down I approach him. "Excuse me do you know where Fairfax drive is?" He looks at me glancing at my breast for a least 5 seconds.

"Well, well. What do we have here? How old are you cutie?" "I'm 18." I think he knows.....fuck. "You don't look 18. What are you lost?" "I just need to get to my aunt's house, and I don't know where the hell I am."

"Well, I'll give you a ride if you want?" "Uh. Sure I guess - "First. Tell me your real age." "I'm 14." "Haha, I thought so." The man gets up and puts money on the counter. He then pulls out his keys and motions for me to follow him.

We exit out the bar. It's pouring now my hair is getting soaked. All of a sudden I feel someone grab my hand. "Are you coming or not?" I get in the car with him, and for a while, we sit there. "When are we going to leave?" "Soon, but first you owe me for this ride." He leans over into my seat and starts tugging on my tank top.

"What are you doing!? Get the hell off of me?" "You know it's not smart to get in cars with strangers." He starts holding down my arms. I try and scream but no one's around. "Get the fuck off of me!?" "Oh come on. Just one kiss? At least your first time will be with someone worth it."

I somehow manage to get one of my arms free and stick my fingers into his eyes. He screams in pain. I open the door tumbling out onto the cold wet sidewalk. I continue to scream for help. The guard inside of the bar runs out. "What wrong!?" "He tried to touch me!" The guy inside the car falls out onto the pavement. Still yelling in pain.

"Don't worry go inside and call the Police. I'll handle him." I run inside the bar and call the police. They arrive 8 minutes later. Ever since that day I have never looked at men the same. They take young girls, and they're never seen again. I got lucky that rainy night. I will never forget that man, and what he tried to do to me.

Just remember. Don't get in cars with strangers.

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