You love who you love
You love who you love stories

animefreak*lick* you have a flavor. Did you know?
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Just b/c......

You love who you love

You are allowed to love who you want to love. Whether it's a boy, or a girl , or both, or neither. You do not deserve to be judged for it. Everyone deserves to be happy.

If the people around you can't accept you for your sexuality, fuck them. They can turn their head. you are you. you can't help it. Don't deny yourself the chance to find love and to be happy.

I am not ashamed of liking women. You shouldn't be ashamed, or be made to feel that way. Be you. Be brave. Be strong. Lots of love, and i believe in and support you, loves.

I'm not saying to throw away your values. Keep those, obviously. But don't let him or her slip through your fingers, just because of labels and prejudice. Go for it! Smile. Ask them on a date. I'm not saying the worst thing they can do is say no... I'm just saying take a chance. you never know till you try. Until next time, xx

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