The Gourmet and the Eye Patch
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Heyyyyy. Someone asked, and I said I'd try. so here ya go. please don't judge. I love writing fanfics but i know i suck at them. enjoy, and no hate please!
Warning: mild yaoi thing.typical gay shenanigans

The Gourmet and the Eye Patch

Kaneki sighed. "I know you're there, Shuu. Come out."

A figure emerged from the shadows, one with blue hair and a small, strange smile. He was dressed extravagantly, per usual.It was a person Kaneki would probably recognize anywhere.

No, definitely. It was hard to forget a ghoul who had tried to eat you. Several times.

"What do you want?"

Shuu smiled wider. "Ah, Kaneki. Do you still mistrust me so?"

Um, yes. "Kind of."

He'd be stupid not to. He had learned his lesson with Rize, thank you very much. Shuu stepped closer. Kaneki eyed him warily. "Seriously, Shuu. What do you want? I need to get back inside.

" The two ghouls were standing outside in an alley behind Anteiku. Kaneki tossed a trash bag full of old coffee grounds into the dumpster. It was a cold night.

He was very aware of the heat rolling off of Shuu's body.

Shuu fidgeted. "I don't want anything, Kaneki-kun. Except to see you, of course."

Kaneki rolled his eyes. "That's what you said last time, Tsukiyama."

The ghoul put a hand over his heart as though wounded. "Such brutal honesty! Though I admit, it charms me."

Kaneki was now freezing. And quickly growing impatient. "Get to the point."

Shuu smiled happily. "You are aware, that it is almost Christmas?" Kaneki nodded warily. "Yeah. Hinami is really excited." Touka was getting the young ghoul a puppy. Shuu waved this away.

"Yes, yes. However, I will not be there for the festivities, I am sad to say."

Kaneki raised his eyebrows. "Why?"

Shuu shrugged daintily. " I have business to attend to elsewhere over the holidays.

Which is why"- here, he stepped dangerously close to Kaneki, who flinched a little- " I am here to give my gifts early."

Kaneki frowned. Before he could say anything, or point out Shuu wasn't even carrying a box of any kind, much less wrapped, Shuu leaned down and kissed him.

Kaneki's eyes widened. 'What the hell?'

The kiss was sweet, soft, and swift. Shuu drew back after a heartbeat. "Merry Christmas, Kaneki."

Kaneki knew he was blushing. He struggled to find words. "w-what...? Why..?"

Shuu chuckled softly. He once again brushed his mouth against Kaneki's. "Tres bien. You are so cute. Enjoy the holidays, my Kaneki."

"KEN!" Touka yelled from somewhere in the cafe, making him jump. He looked at Shuu. "'ll be back?"

Shuu beamed. "Of course."

"Right." Shuu wanted to eat him, would probably have a plan for when he returned. But...suddenly..Kaneki...took a breath. "Merry Christmas, Shuu."

For now he'd take this strange gift from Shuu. And whatever else that might be to come from the odd ghoul.

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