I am taking requests
I am taking requests stories

animefreak*lick* you have a flavor. Did you know?
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I've done pieces for a few of you..might as well!

I am taking requests

I'm Taking requests! I've done it for a few of you, so might as well XD

If there is something anyone wants me to post about, or if you have a challenge for me, I'll be happy to do it!

Just make sure it is not inappropriate!

If it is, I won't do it!

But that aside, I'm happy to do whatever!

Stories, poems, pictures...I'll try my best!

Thanks to all my followers! (if i haven't followed you back yet, I will!)

Also much appreciation to all my readers, and everyone who's liked my stuff!

Remember...I'll take anything you throw my way! If you want stories, poems, pics...I'm down for it!

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