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animefreakLife is beautiful <3
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Just read it XD

For Laughs

Well, i'm bored. And in need of a laugh, and I figure everyone else is too.

So here's some pics to make you laugh or smile! (I put my thoughts to their facial expressions b/c why not?)

America: And that's how babies are made!

England: I will punch you in the head.

France: I don't really care, long as I get laid....

Russia: I thought people could regenerate their limbs...apparently not.

China: I shall take over the world with my army of pandas!

Japan: I'm sorry? Does it look like I care?

North italy: You want share my chocolate?

South italy: That's really creepy, but i won't say anything....

Spain: You...did WHAT!?

Canada This is why we can't have nice things.

Germany: Don't worry. Everyone already knows you're a screwup.

Prussia: You had food ana didn't SHARE?

Denmark: And that's why you're a moron.

Finland: Bitch. Hold up. What about me?

Norway: I am done. With your bullshit.

Iceland: And you wonder why you're single?

Sweden: This is why mom doesn't fucking love you!

Latvia: Awww, that's so cute i want to vomit!

Estonia: Or maybe, you're just stupid.

Lithuania: Oh, wow. Oh. no. Please, God, NO.

Netherlands: Why me? Why?

Switzerland: or you could shut up and sit down.

Romania: I want to eat your heart.

Poland: I will never Let it go.

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