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anime_puppet Took a shot of espresso depresso. :)
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I made this poem. It's pretty dark. I personally think it's ok. It's only my second one. :D



There is a voice.

There is a voice in my head.

It grows louder each day

Filling my mind with dread.

There are two voices

There are two voices having a fight

Having them scream and yell

Is like touching an electrocuted kite

There are three voices

Three voices are halfway through a row

This amount of voices

Surely will make my mind blow

Ok, call me crazy,

But now there a four voices up in here

And now their screams of agony

Is all I can hear

This is chaos.

5 voices high and shrill

The excruciating pain in my mind

Is like a high power drill

This is hell.

7 voices. Screams of terror.

This scene reminds me of a movie

From the category of horror.

I can't take this.

I need them all away.

But how do I make them do that?

What should I say to make them sway?

I figured it out

It's extremely dangerous

No head, no mind, no voices.

But the way is so disastrous

I guess I have to try it

I got nothing to lose

No friends, no family, no nothing

In this life, I got nothing with which to amuse.

But the screams of the condemned

And the souls that I have taken

Are a little memory

Of the path that I have chosen.

I guess it's time to chop.

It should be quick and painless

A one, a two, a three.

And my mind is filled with darkness.

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