The Shadows Of Midnight /2/ Meet The Mafia
     The Shadows Of Midnight 
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I move closer to his neck and open my mouth. Latching on roughly, I pull his blood into my mouth. I swallow gulp fulls before removing myself. "You taste average. Not that I'm not used to that."

The Shadows Of Midnight /2/ Meet The Mafia

KAGEYAMA I pinch the pliers onto his last nail. "Where. Is. The. Money. Hidden." My groggy voice almost gives away the fact that I'm tired. The man I'm questioning spits in my face. His warm sticky saliva trails down my cheek. I wipe it off with my sleeve and yank on the pliers as hard as I can, ripping his nail cleanly off of his finger. He screams and balls his hand

into a fist. "All you had to do was tell me where you and your rat goons are hiding our money. I advise you speak up before I hurt you badly." "Screw you. The money was earned. ITS NOT YOURS!" I elbow his lower jaw, and I use enough force to make him dizzy. "It's the money your boss owes us, therefor it IS ours." I sigh of boredom and move to the corner of the room. I grab a large trey decorated with metal

tools for my ''fun''. I slide my hands over the tools and stop randomly. I stare down at the cold steel scalpel under my hand. I pick it up slowly and admire it's neatness. I smile while imagining it being covered in ruby colored blood. The man before me flinches in fear. "You see, I have ripped off all of your fingernails and toenails, and you still haven't told me any good information. If you don't tell me something

useful right now, I'm going to cut it out of you." The man whimpers and shrinks back in his chair. "I'm supposed to die before telling you anything. Even if I'm scared half to death, the boss said not to tell." I hold the bridge of my nose in annoyance. "I'm going to have fun carving you up." I grab a strip of black cloth and stuff it into the fat pigs mouth. He yells something, but of course it's muffled. I chuckle at his utter

stupidity and take the scalpel in my hand once again. I hold it to his greasy skin and ready myself. It's been weeks since I've felt the sensation of blood on my hands. I press the scalpel down and drag it up his arm, purposely jolting it from time to time. The pig whines and screams. "Did you change your mind?" He stays still, not shaking nor nodding his head. "Alright then." I move to his other arm and prepare to make

another long incision. The man screams louder as I snake the blade up his arm. Both my hands and the scalpel are covered in crimson. The man loses consciousness and let's his head drop. "I can't believe you're dying on me so early." I try to sound hurt and taken aback, which makes me laugh. I stand up and walk behind him slowly. I bend down so I'm level with his head. I move closer to his neck and open my mouth.

Latching on roughly, I pull his blood into my mouth. I swallow gulp fulls before removing myself. "You taste average. Not that I'm not used to that." I watch as his life slowly drains from his body. I wipe my mouth with my glove and scoff. I clean my scalpel and exit the room, walking towards Daichi's office. I knock, and with permission to enter I open the door. "I assume no information was found?" Daichi

swirls the scotch that's in his glass. "He remained loyal to the end." I seat myself on the black couch. "What a pain." He sits up in chair and eye's a pair of papers on his desk. "There's a rumor going around stating that there are Mazoku around." Daichi sighs and turns his attention towards me. "The top 5 are supposed to have a meeting in Tokyo about that topic. They don't know who the Mazoku are, but they know how

to identify them." Daichi hand's me a folder full of documents. I skim the pages until I find what I'm looking for. "Mazoku are identifiable by their scent. They smell like a combination of Roses and Vanilla." My eyebrows raise at the text in front of me. "How are we going to handle the situat-" I'm so rudely interrupted by a knock. Daichi invites them in and Ushijima opens the door, Iwaizumi behind him. "We have

a problem." Ushijima starts while they both enter the room. "One of your father's branch mafia we're taken down." Iwaizumi groans. "Witnesses say it was VIXEN." Daichi puts his drink down and opens his laptop. "I'm gonna Email Tsukki and see if he can find out anything about these tricks." Daichi seem's irritated. "What's wrong?" Iwaizumi questions while simultaneously seating himself. "VIXEN have been

spotted all around Miyagi Prefecture. They have been reported as quick and silent. They steal, save, and kill." Daichi types away on his laptop as the atmosphere in the room changes to urgent. "Are they that dangerous?" Ushijima stares directly at Daichi while speaking. "If anything they're as good as us, which is a problem. A major problem." He sends the Email, but leaves his laptop open. "Don't think like

that. I'm sure we can handle them." Daichi scoffs at my statement and downs the rest of the scotch in his glass. "Kageyama, you drank today, didn't you?" He glares at me. I guiltily smile and rub the back of my neck. "Yeah. But it was right before he died. He was almost dead when I started to suck him dry." Daichi shrugs and stand's up to put away his glass. "While we wait for a full report on VIXEN, we can

discuss what to do about the Mazoku." Daichi seats himself back down and frowns. "Mazoku are smart, fast, flexible, and are almost cat like. As you all know, they're blood can heal any wounds a vampire may have. Legend has it that after you have even 1 sip, your stamina, speed, and strength boost incredibly. If we're going to get our hands on them first, we need to know how to before the big 5 do." Iwaizumi corrects

his posture and grins. "They're having a conference discussing the Mazoku topic next week right? We can listen in and get pointers there." Ushijima and I nod at Iwaizumi's proposal. "There's only 1 flaw in that plan. Because they are the top 5 strongest mafia in Asia and are discussing such an important topic, don't you think it'd be hard to find a way to spy on them without being blocked or noticed?" Ushijima answers

quickly. "We can do it virtually, or through camera's." Daichi nods his head, meaning the idea has his approval. "If we're lucky," Daichi says lowly. "they'll be Demon Mazoku." I grin at the idea. Demon Mazoku are known for there immense speed, flexibility, and the ability to smell feelings. They're still catlike, but are more attentive.

Daichi chuckles and once again stares at the pair of papers on his desk. "I'm assuming those are important?" "Osamu and Kiyoko have finished their mission, these are their reports." "How much longer will it take for them to get back?" "About a day." Daichi's Laptop dings and he shows us his screen as he opens the files. "Remember, these are estimated." Daichi reads.

Name: Sugawara Koushi Fitness Grade: 9.8/10 Intelligence: 9.9/10 Age: 18 Height: 5' 7'' Weight: 140 lbs

Name: Oikawa Tooru Fitness Grade: 9.4/10 Intelligence: 9.4/10 Age: 18 Height: 5' 7'' Weight: 159 lbs

Name: Tendo Satori Fitness Grade: 9.7/10 Intelligence: 9.3/10 Age: 18 Height: 6' 2'' Weight: 156 lbs

Name: Nishinoya Yuu Fitness Grade: 9.8/10 Intelligence: 9.2/10 Age: 16 Height: 5' 2'' Weight: 112 lbs

Name: Atsumu Miya Fitness Grade: 9.4/10 Intelligence: 9.4/10 Age: 17 Height: 6' 0'' Weight: 161 lbs

Name: Ennoshita Chikara Fitness Grade: 9.5/10 Intelligence: 9.5/10 Age: 17 Height: 5' 7'' Weight: 146 lbs

Name: Akaashi Keiji Fitness Grade: 9.8/10 Intelligence: 9.8/10 Age: 17 Height: 5' 8'' Weight: 155 lbs

Name: Yaku Morisuke Fitness Grade: 9.7/10 Intelligence: 9.6/10 Age: 17 Height: 5' 4'' Weight: 132 lbs

Name: Suna Rintaro Fitness Grade: 9.8/10 Intelligence: 9.7/10 Age: 16 Height: 6' 1'' Weight: 161 lbs

Name: Hinata Shoyo Fitness Grade: 9.9/10 Intelligence: 9.7/10 Age: 16 Height: 5' 3'' Weight: 114 lbs

Name: Kenma Kozume Fitness Grade: 9.8/10 Intelligence: 9.9/10 Age: 16 Height: 5' 6'' Weight: 128 lbs

Name: Yamaguchi Tadashi Fitness Grade: 9.8/10 Intelligence: 9.8/10 Age: 16 Height: 5' 10'' Weight: 138 lbs

Name: Yachi Hitoka Fitness Grade: 9.8/10 Intelligence: 9.7/10 Age: 16 Height: 4' 10'' Weight: 93 lbs

Daichi closes his laptop swiftly when we finish going through the files Tsukishima dug up. Ushijima grunts. "I didn't know Osamu had a brother. They look like twins." Iwaizumi nods in agreement while I turn to look at Daichi. He seem's to be happy, sadistically happy. "They've peaked my interest. I wan't to know more about VIXEN." He smiles evilly, causing the rest of us in the room to grin. "New mission;

Capture a VIXEN member."

A/N: Oh gawd that took 7 hours to write. Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it. Here are some things you should know; ~Everyone in Daichi's Mafia are vampires :P ~Kenma is 1 year younger than he should be ~(Oikawa's shorter + Noya younger) SORRY IF SOME OF THE PICTURES WERE BLURRY!

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