The Shadows Of Midnight /1/ Meet the Crew
       The Shadows Of Midnight
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The Shadows Of Midnight /1/ Meet the Crew

HINATA Atsumu sends me a map of the area. I tap my watch and a hologrammed picture of buildings surrounding me appears over my wrist. I glance at a path that leads to my destination. Nishinoya's voice can be heard behind me. "Me, Kenma, and Shoyo have made it onto the scene. What path is clearest?" I decide not to listen in and wait for Nishinoya's

instructions. He nods and removes his hand from his ear. "Tadashi says that he marked a path. If we follow it, we'll make it to their head quarters in minutes." Kenma stretches his arms and hums. "Ya'll ready. Lets wipe these bums." Saying cool stuff like that comes with the job. I smile and look back at my wrist. "I memorized it. Follow me." My voice sound's crisp in the late spring air. The streets are lit by streetlamps

and the moon. We scale the house closest to us and warm up. "On your mark," Noya starts. "Get set," Me and Kenma cock our guns and put them on our waistbands. I get into my desired position and wait for Noya's signal. "Go!" I push my body forwards and pump my legs. We jump roof by roof. Turning houses, rushing down alleyways, and maneuvering around backyard objects, we make our way down

the path I envision. We finally stop at a mansion at the end of a street by a large lake. The gates are closed, but we're already on that. Kenma plugs a small wire into his watch and connects the other end into the keypad on the gate. He taps away at his wrist while Noya takes out his gun and watches our backs. I push the button on my earpiece and inform HQ that we made it to our destination. #Once you get

through the gate, travel along the side until you reach a small trap door next to the side of the house. Enter through there. They have a dog, so have the tranquilizer mist ready. # I pull my black mask over the bridge of my nose and smirk. Kenma chuckles when a quiet beeping noise erupts from his watch. He puts the wire into his jacket pocket and quickly pulls the gate door open. Noya grabs his tranq mist bomb and

readies it. They both heard Oikawa in their earpiece as well, so the don't need to hear it from me. We quickly jog by the side of the gate until we're met by a metal trap door. It's painted green so you would't be able to see it from afar. Kenma opens it and hops inside, me and Noya following. I close the door behind me and turn on my watches flashlight. We slowly make our way down the metal hallway until Kenma

see's a door leading up. He snaps his fingers and I turn my flashlight off. He opens the door and Noya throws the mist bomb up and Kenma closes the door again. We wait around 30 seconds before opening the door again and exiting the trap door's hallway. I press my finger on my earpiece and whisper. "We made it in, tell Akaashi to send me the floor plan of this place." #They should be coming in now.#

Noya's watch beeps and he taps on it. He stares down for a couple of seconds, and then looks up. I can see the smile through his mask. "She's being held 3 floors down." Noya's an Elite, the only reason he's on the mission with us right now is because one of our team members are being held hostage. This is a rescue mission. Noya leads us down a flight of stairs and stops at a door. "I have that feeling."

Man, Noya's good at this. He and Oikawa have a weird sense that tells them if there are guns around. I think they memorized the smell of the metal. He kicks down the door and ready's his gun. The 2 men in the room turn around and ready their guns. Before they can shoot, me and Kenma dash to their sides and break their necks. They lie lifeless on the floor while we place all of the gun's inside of a duffel bag Noya brought.

After we finish, we head all the way down to the 3rd and final floor. #Head down that hallway and turn right. 7th door to your left.# Kenma hums while Noya takes the front of the formation line. He's in front, being a superior and what not, I'm in middle to help with navigation and support, and Kenma is in the back to pick off any followers. I give Noya the directions while listening for anyone who might interfere.

We arrive at the targeted door, and Noya kicks it down. 5 men turn towards us, guns aimed and ready. They shoot, but we dodge. I can't say that it was easy for me and Kenma, but Noya dodged the incoming pieces of lead effortlessly. I pull out my gun and shoot at one of the men's head. He drops to the ground while I make my way towards the person behind him. I break the handcuffs off of the their hand legs. They thank

me calmly and stand up. By now, Noya and Kenma have dealt with the other 4. "Great to have you back Yachi." She rubs her wrists and chuckles. "Took you long enough. I almost fell asleep." I hand her a watch from HQ and she slides it onto her hand. Kenma communicates to the others that we've got Yachi. #Make your way back quickly, reinforcements are bound to be called in.# Oikawa's voice rings

through my ears as I hand Yachi her earpiece. Noya leads us back down the hallway in which we came from. I can hear the rapid footsteps of reinforcements clashing through the hallway, so I knock on the wall twice to signal our situation. He holds his hand up and throws it forwards. We run as fast as we can through the twisted hallway and bound up the stairwells. About 7 men block the trap door. Yachi

shrugs and leads us in the opposite direction. She smashes a window with her elbow and we all exit through it. Once we're all out, we launch ourselves over the gate and dash down the open street. Police sirens can be heard in the distance, but none of us care. We all are laughing messes as we run through alleys to avoid being seen. We make it to the place we originally started, at the corner

of a street about 3 blocks away from where Yachi was being held. Ennoshita waits for us in the jet black jeep we stole and opens the doors. We throw ourselves inside and burst into giggles while Ennoshita speeds to our base. "What did you find Yachi?" Ennoshita blankly questions while keeping his focus on the blurring road. "The 5 strongest Mafia's are having a meeting in a week in Tokyo. I'll fill out a full report when we

make it to HQ." I high five Yachi while calling the boss on my watch. I hold my wrist up and wait for him to answer. Finally, his hologram shows up. He puts the knife he was holding down and waits for me to speak. "We have retrieved Yachi. She found out that the top 5 are having a conference in Tokyo in a week." Sugawara chuckles and run's his hand through his hair. "Great job. We will prepare to intrude their little party as soon

as you make it here." "Very well." I reply while smiling. Suga smiles and hangs up. We pull up to VIXEN HQ and park in our underground vehicle safe. Yachi rushes up the steps, eager to see her friends once again. Once we all make it to Base floor, Atsumu opens the door and greets us warmly. "Look what I got Oikawa!" Noya boasts while opening the black duffel bag

that contains the stolen weapons. Oikawa grins while walking to our direction to get a closer look. I shuffle over to Akaashi and slap the back of his neck. He laughs and gets me back. "Great job Shoyo. I'm not surprised." "I'm not an Elite like you, but I'm improving." "We can go improve now. Suga is waiting for you 4 in the training room." Me, Kenma, Yachi, and Tadashi walk down the hallway that leads to the place

where we're supposed to go. Kenma opens the door and we all step inside. "Today, we will practice dodging gun bullets." Suga announces as Tendo and Yaku emerge from behind him. They both hold basic hand guns. The training room is a 4 walled white room with wooden floors. It's pretty spacious and has a closet full of weapons as well as obstacles like hurdles, crates, and gates. Suga smiles and claps, signalling

us to get into our positions. We divide ourselves and spread out. "Dodging bullets while in mid air is impossible. The correct way do dodge it to predict where the bullet is aimed." Suga raises the gun and aims it at me. "Judging by my posture and where the gun is pointing, where do you think the bullet will go." Without hesitation I answer. "My right eye." Tendo's eyes widen in surprise and Yaku smiles.

"Precisely." He points the gun at Kenma. "Kenma, where is the gun pointed?" Kenma answers quickly as well. "My left shoulder." Suga smiles and moves on. "Yamaguchi, where?" He takes 3 second's to answer, and that's too long. Suga pulls the trigger and Tadashi whimpers. It was a blank. "The h-heart." He stutters as he collects himself. Suga smiles and moves on to Yachi. "Yachi, where am I pointing?" Yachi

answers quickly. "The chest." Suga pulls the trigger. Another blank. "Where in the chest was I aiming?" Suga's voice is laced with patience and pride. "My left lung." Suga clears his throat and wipes all emotion off of his face. "Now that you have that skill in mind, Yaku and Tendo will be training two of you. BB pellets are going to be used. They hurt a lot, so try to dodge them as quickly as possible." Suga exits calmly and

tells Tendo and Yaku to pick two of us to practice with. I'm paired with Tadashi with Yaku as our supervisor. Kenma and Yachi move to the other side of the room and we move over. Yaku loads the gun while staring at me and Tadashi with boredom. "Who's going first?" "I'll give it a try. Can't be that hard." I volunteer, trying to calm Tadashi's frantic mind. Yaku explains that he'll give me one single second to read his

eyes and gun, and then he'll shoot. I ready myself and he counts down. "3, 2, 1. Start." He aims the gun at the middle of my right thigh, so I slide my leg over just before he could shoot. By the time he pulls the trigger, I'm already out of the way. The sound of the gun shot echo's through the room. Kenma, Yachi, Tadashi, and Tendo's eyes are watching me. Yaku congratulates me and Tendo cheers. I laugh and stand beside

Yaku, allowing Tadashi to have the floor. Yaku aim's the gun on the left side of his forehead, and before Yaku can pull the trigger Tadashi ducks. The boom of the gun shot erupts from Yaku's hand as I cheer Tadashi on. We all smile and continue practice.

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