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Ayoo! Here is a competition for ya all to participate and enjoy! (It's got quite good awards!) I am hoping to see some entries and... ENJOY!!

Contest #1

Konnichiwa! Soooo, here is the first contest of the fandom!

Let me explain the prompt and rules! (Please don't mind the Levi(s) in the background...)

So I think we can have only fanfiction contests for anime... (If u have any ideas DM me because this was the only thing I could think off) Uhm... Anyways...

So the prompt is - Alter the original story! Now what this means is that u can change any element from the original story and make a story imagining the outcome of your change...

So for example if I make a story on Levi, I can write about what would happen if Levi had the titan power...

Or if I write on Todoroki, I can write about what would happen if the quirks of Deku and Todoroki are interchanged...

Just make sure that the theme of the anime should remain the same as the original. So for Naruto keep the theme 'ninjas' only

Now for the rules - 1. Keep it 13+ No swearing or adult content 2. Keep the theme in mind The theme should be the same as the original anime series

3. Don't make it too long Make sure it is not more than 100 pages 4. Add the tag 'March#1' 5. Leave the link in the comments of this post 6. Both short stories and poems are acceptable

Now for what awards ya all will get - 1st position - 3 followers, 3 likes on the entry, 3 likes on any 3 post of your choice and shout outs to any 3 post of your choice...

2nd position - 2 followers, 2 likes on the entry, 2 likes on any 2 posts of your choice and shout outs to any 2 post of your choice

3rd position - 1 follower, 1 like on the entry, 1 like on any 1 post of your choice and shout out to any 1 post of your choice

The last day to submit - 22nd March 2021, 12:00 AM (IST) And... HAVE FUN! Enjoy yourself and let us read some amazing stuff!

I'll see ya all in the next post, until then...

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