Ghost Investigators- Case One "Man With No Head"

Ghost Investigators- 
Case One 

"Man With No Head"

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A teenage girl meets the unusual circumstances that make her an Ghost Investigator,

Ghost Investigators- Case One "Man With No Head"

Everyone think's that college life Means hangout with friends, studying as well as learn new aspects of life. And I was no other then them I feel's the same, until! I met him.

Abhay, the president of an unknown club of this college. I was called by an principal to her office, Her name was Mrs. Thomas Butterfield.

She's so much fond of me but sometimes this also makes me worry Buy as an orphan it feels good when someone care's about you.

Oh! Yes I am Maya and I am first year student of Lady Emily Willson College.

Mrs. Thomas called me in her office and she told me as I didn't take any participation in any club so she told me to join one of the club in the college.

But club activities are not my cup of tea. Well but I can't let her down so I decided to join one of the club.

She tells me to join the Abhay's club as she didn't tell me the club name but the president. So I walk in the club after school.

At club house door's "knock knock", Anyone's there, I said. Then from inside, "yes, But if you want to then come otherwise get lost". I was like" who the hell is that".

Suddenly I open door and He was right in front of me the president, Abhay.

He was like an ordinary guy, but he's smart in look. I was looking at his eye's and I see some sort of sadness. Suddenly he called me in soft voice, Maya! Is that you're name.

I said yes, As he's the president can't say much. I asked how many students had joined the club, he said, just you With that cold look.

But let the things be like that if it was.

Then we met at the principal's office and surprisingly He was also there they were talking about something serious.

Then suddenly Abhay came to me and said, let's start, and come with me! I just know nothing and do as he say. We head for the old building of the college.

As from the joining I heard lots of stories about this old building but I haven't came here since I joined. And also know one dates too. Because this place is haunted by the various spirits.

After the ritual which is played by some old students the college are facing some paranormal activities in this building As people's are say things about the building.

We head for a van which is standing just before the building.

The driver is just a teenager like us, Abhay talks to him and suddenly he shows me some instruments like camera's, night vision camera's, tripods, and other stuffs that I don't know.

We head for that old building , the building was wreck and damaged like something big has happened in this building.

The building gives me creeps as well didn't know what we are doing in this building makes me frustrate so I confront Abhay and asked him "What the heck we are doing in this building?

" He replied and just said with that cold look, "Ghost Hunt". I was like, he is just kidding, right! But his looks in his face tells that he's not kidding and also gives me little chills.

He also introduced me to Tejas another member of our club and also his assistant. Tejas seems opposite to him as he talks with me. Never harsh with etc.

he told me our club activity is to hunt ghosts but I thought it's just kidding. Then put our video camera's all over the place and head to the base which is on 3rd floor of that building.

We were sitting their about an hour doing nothing. I was just gets frustrate and ready to ask him but at 6:00 p.m the upper floor was suddenly making noise.

I thought there was someone from the club but the video camera is showing there's no one I afraid then from the corridors there is some walking little by little the foot voice comes closer

and suddenly from my hands book is fell and that foot voice is start like running and coming closer to me.

Suddenly, the voices begin to disappear and it makes me relief I looked my surroundings there's no one and Abhay & Tejas is also not there,

I see my own eye's someone is approaching towards my door and when the door opens, there was a man with no head

And head is in his hands with eyes-less. I was like ,"why this is happening to me! Why! Why! And I woke up on the desk in that old building.

I saw the Abhay & Tejas as I saw him I don't know but I feel relaxed but suddenly that strange voices start going once again and video camera is turning on-off I scared and

the doors opens And he was there in front of us 'The Man With No Head'

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