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Father, father won't you stay?

Dear Father

Father, father won't you stay?

Life's got a new shape and it's going to prey.

Prey what is left, left of what you are.

Are you still here? Or are you already far gone?

Father, father where will you go?

I believe with all my heart, into a new shadow your old soul will grow.

Will you sink into the ocean? Settle into the ground?

Will you float in the wind? Become part of our space?

Father, father will you fight for your life?

Or is the demonic grip on your poor body too tight?

Will it let you go soon? Will it suffocate you?

Will you give in and leave? Will you fight 'till you can breathe?

Oh, my dear father, what have they done!

Such a painful view watching you slowly die,

with the incredibly haunting thought knowing it can't be undone.

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