I lost my (plane) of thought
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Wrote this on a very long plane journey

I lost my (plane) of thought

The colour of the sea reminds me of my mums paintings

And the times I've been alone at the beach when I was sixteen.

As I fly over the ocean the clouds make patterns on the surface of the water

Shaped like islands

A dark blue and all spectacularly different

The sea mirrors the sky as I do my mother

I remember how stubborn I am as I refuse to spend a little extra money on a gin and tonic;

Like she; when we used to take days to hug and make up

I'm reminded of something greater each time I'm near the sea

It echoes my imagination and makes me wonder why the hell I'm here

Why am I looking down at you sea?

See I don't know where things began and I don't know where things end

Just like no one knows where the bottom of the great deep is

Or what it holds

And it frustrates me to a point where I have to rapidly make my mind race for other thoughts to occupy my mind

Ever growing fascinated with everything mind

I hear a child say to his mother "its a big sea!"

I'm like boy you have no idea.

From way up here the ocean covers our earth like a soft warm blanket

From way up here I am begged to flop myself onto it and take a nap

I would if I wasn't already aware of he harsh reality of the sea

So I'll stay up here and imagine

I see yachts and tridents

A class system divided by a vessel

But I'm up here and I'm on top of the world

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