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Ichida Izumi is a 21 year old man who teaches science at a university, one day he encounters a strange man but he ignores him, later when he gets home he found out that his sister doesn't exist anymore and he believes that his reality shifted, in scientific terms, he has quantum leaped.

I've also posted this on Booksie and wattpad by the same name. If I get good response then I'll continue the story and release the official chapter 1 that can have some changes.

Some people claims that they've seen ghosts, but what if the ghost that they have seen is merely their imagination ?

Or its just a natural phenomenon that happens rarely and hasn't been explained by science ? That's why I believe in science.

A great man once said, "Unless you know the same pain, you cannot truly understand each other".

I believe in that philosophy and that's why I've been alone for the longest time, because I've never met anyone like me. Currently I teach science at a university.


One of his students stands up and asks him, "What is Quantum Leaping ?".

He answers, "Quantum Leaping is basically your dreams, in your dreams your concoiness jumps into a place where you actually aren't. Although in fiction, it is also know as Reality Shifting.

Meaning you get into another reality, for example, you're currently in this university but in another reality you could be at a convience store".

After finishing his classes, he was walking his way to his home and he crosses roads with a man who was wearing a mask.

Izumi found that strange but he don't like to interfere into another man's business so, he casually ignores him and came home. After entering, he says to his mom, "Did Kaori came from school ?".

His mom asks, "Kaori, who's she ?", Izumi was confused and thought his mom was joking, he says "Mom stop joking, I'm talking about Kaori, my little sister".

His mom answers in a confused manner, "You're my only child, I know you're a big science jerk but don't go making weird theories".

After what she said, Izumi was having many thoughts and decided to go to his room.


He thinks to himself, "What's wrong with mom ? She's acting like my little sister never existed ? Could it be...

" He pauses for second, "No way, there's just no way" he thinks back to his explaintion of Quantum Leaping and says "There's no way that I Quantum Leaped here,

I mean I never created a Quantum Leaping machine is the first place, but wait could it be because of that strange man ? Is he connected to this ? But there's no proof".


Izumi wakes up, ate his breakfast and was going out but his mom says, "Izumi, where are you going, it's school time, where is your uniform ?" 'UNIFROM ?" he says.


Izumi thinks to himself, "Apparently, I studies in high school in this reality, I thought a lot about all of this came to a conclusion that is,

due to something probably connected to that man happened and my reality shifted a.k.a I quantum leaped here.

My face hasn't changed much but my body feels like I use to feel in high school, The strange thing is that when I encountered that strange man, I felt so much like me, I wonder why ?

" While he was thinking, his teacher asks him to read the next paragraph but he didn't heard that, the teacher says it again and he heard that time and starts to read.


Izumi was simply eating his lunch and suddenly a girl came to his seat and said, "You quantum leaped here, didn't you Ichida-san ?".

Izumi was suprised and the girl says, "We'll do the discussion after school so, meet me in the nearest park".


The girl says, "I am Suzuki Hayasaka and I quantum leaped here just like you and I'm even from the same reality as you except I used a time machine".

Izumi was so shocked by this that he didn't even had words. Hayasaka says, "I know, you're quite shocked but hear me out.

When I was seventeen years old, I met a strange man wearing a mask" Izumi thinks is his mind, "So he is connected to this, after all".

Hayasaka continues, "That man told me that I'll make a time machine at the age of 21 and it'll fail but he told me at a certain time it'll work.

He told me when my reality will shift, I'll become a high scholar and I'll met a man named Ichida Izumi.

He said, other details will be written in a letter which I'll get when I'll quantum leape.

She sighs and says, "All of his predictions have came true and I know exactly how you came here, it was described in the letter".

Izumi was really shocked and says, "What should we do then ?, Should we start to live normal lives or search for a way to return to our reality ?".

She says, "We can't live normal lives just by accepting this or we'll die". Izumi startled. She says, "It was written in the letter that we should find a high scholar named Ryunosuke".

Izumi says in a confused manner, "Ryunosuke ? Why ?. She explains, "According to the letter Ryunosuke isn't from this reality. It was written that, what we should do with him is up to us".

Izumi says, "Then we need to find him, we're just following the orders of a letter without even knowing what awaits, damn it but we don't have a choice but anyways we're gonna co-operate,

Suzuki-san, looking forward to it". Hayasaka smiles a little and says, "Me too, Ichida-san".

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