The When, What, and Why
The When, What, and Why love stories

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Wherein a girl who has loved and lost, opens her heart to a boy that has known no love.

The When, What, and Why

A child sat staring at the stars wondering if her young heart would ever feel again. She couldn’t cope, and she knew it. “Goodbye”, she whispered. A boy knelt next to his mother’s grave. He thought that his promise wouldn’t be broken that quickly, but life surprises you. “Goodbye”, he whispered. Somehow, they knew it wasn’t the end.

“When does it end?”, questioned Aria . She was anxious for school to end, so she could get home too her bedroom. Her one place of safety and solitude. The bell rang and just as she was about to race out of the classroom door, towards home, she heard that dreaded phrase. “Miss Lucas, we need to talk.”. Her teacher walked up to her and looked her in the eyes.

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