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aniahfosterwhat a surprise to find you here...
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here's to that special someone (;

A Love Song

If I were told to write a song, I wouldn't know where to begin.

Words and phrases coming and going, but not a sentence from this pen.

I could write about our journey from the beginning to the end

But only so much can fit into a song, why don’t you help me make it slim?


Taken for granted. Oh, how you loved to take advantage.

I gave you whatever you wanted until I found myself empty-handed.

Used and love-abused, how did my heart beat with so much damage?

A long and tragic process, but it found a way to manage


I've been ignored. At this point, it wasn’t love anymore.

I could see that you were growing tired. Maybe you were just bored.

Would I have gotten myself into this mess if I’d known what was in store?

Think the answer’s pretty obvious. Why pick up the knife when there’s a sword?


I’ve been forgotten. You left my tongue as dry as cotton.

Like perishable food left for too long, this poor heart was now rotten.

I've mistakenly signed up for this. Why wasn't there a caution?

A new heart is too expensive, I’d take yours but its misbegotten.

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