False Trap
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angxx IG: @angy.uptoedit
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A girl is trapped inside of her emotions, she can’t grasp the reality outside of her.

By: Angxx

False Trap

by Angxx

I watched the dance light across the wall. It was beautiful, really.

I was mesmerized by it. I couldn’t snap out of this strange trance.

What’s happening to me? Suddenly the world dims and all I see is black — everywhere. Am I asleep?

A sudden wave of sadness clogs up my throat. Anxiety pounds through my head. Frustration makes its way into my now balled up fists.

“W-what’s happening to me?” I could barely breathe. Emotions flooded over me. It controlled me.

I kicked and punched the endless darkness. Soon I ended up on the floor — if there even was one. My racking sobs echoed menacingly back at me.

“Please, can anyone hear me?” I stood up weakly. Without thinking, I ran. A sudden surge of energy came through me and that was all I could do. I was trapped, and I yearned to escape.

After a while, I slowed down. I was going nowhere. The same black darkness surrounded me.

“PLEASE, HELP ME!” I screech. There was no answer. My hope diminished.

I’m gone. I was already gone. I’m too far in. I’ve lost touch with reality.

If you’re reading this, please...save me..

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