the monarchy lies
the monarchy lies sad poetry stories

angustiae death has presented me a gift of words.
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this one speaks for itself. it's crazy how you're reaching your goals but you feel like you're fading at the same time. live carefully, people.

the monarchy lies

I don't know what's gonna happen to me but it's okay as long as I'm there I can't get a single word out of me it's like the sahara desert in here

black out and the stars are gone I can't see the light because there's none

starve myself to death because it's the only answer but still I can't comprehend does it mean that I'm a goner?

I keep saying songs nowadays I think I'm broken I keep re-encountering my problems I don't think I'm running

the fuel has run out and the arsonist has escaped set a fire to my heart and never let me breathe

the smoke hindering your lungs does it really help? is it a method of venting out when no one else is left?

I can't feel anything anymore and I can't even do a single thing about it once I had soared but now I can barely sit

the aurora, I have seen but I have stumbled upon my wealth I'm in the middle of being the queen but I think I'm not myself

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